How Services-Based Companies Can Market On Instagram

We all love how we can flaunt about the things in our lives on Instagram. We all love colouring that white heart with a throbbing red one, signalling how much we approve of the content we see. We, too, anticipate the number of likes and engagements we receive. Instagram offers a good platform for you […]

How to Humanise Your Messenger Chatbot

One of the rising trends in social media these days is tweaking your Messenger chatbox to make it more human-like and engaging. With the rising competition these days where people are just plain tired of seeing the same formulaic marketing structure, they crave something that’s more like them: chatty, charming, unique. This is why when […]

Tricks or Treats: Remarkable Halloween Campaigns

HIGHLIGHT: The challenge of creating a digital marketing campaign for the Halloween season in Singapore has become less difficult thanks to the scariest trends that can be found on the Internet. With your capability to view different Halloween campaigns, it’s easier to get inspiration for creating the next trick-or-treat strategy for the next Halloween. Once […]

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