Social Media Marketing: What makes Birdbox phenomenon successful?

Ever heard of the film “Birdbox”? If you’ve surfed the web a couple of times, you’ve probably seen news about the film more than once. It’s no surprise; the amount of hype Birdbox has received can be attributed to Netflix and their massive promotion of the film. You may be interested, hooked, or even annoyed […]

Snapping Snapchat: How Snapchat Influenced Other Social Media Platforms

Gone are the days when we struggled twisting our digital cameras and cellphones, hoping for the best that the camera focused on us, and posing our best smiles which may even pass for a grimace. In the advent of dual cameras, of the most-awaited front cameras, the “selfie” culture improved and drastically expanded. Snapchat, a […]

Facebook’s Fight Against Clickbait And Fake News, An In-Depth Look

If you’re a heavy Facebook user, you’ve probably been victimised by “clickbait” articles a number of times before. And trust me when I say “I know how it feels”. Just like you, we’ve also been victimised by clickbait and fake news articles in perhaps the biggest social media platform globally — It’s not fun. And it most […]

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