Marketing Momentum: What you can learn from Netflix’s Social Media Marketing

Since its conception, we all know how the digital space will greatly impact how we do things. From the moment we wake up in the morning by the resounding ring of our mobile alarm clocks, by how some of us check the news online, and practically by how we connect with other people. Once we […]

Let Me Tell You A Story: Maximise Facebook Stories for Your Business 

The story begins like this:  A few years ago, Facebook offered to buy Snapchat but was declined.  As if to spite the latter, the Mark Zuckerberg-led company launched Stories a new feature that’s undeniably a clone of that of Snapchat, with a few minor changes here and there—and it’s not just on Facebook but basically […]

Understanding Colour Theory & Why It Matters in Digital Marketing

The concept of colour theory is not anything new. The term has been used profusely in the past, first appearing in Leonardo da Vinci’s writings in the 1400s.  Today, it remains an essential factor in disciplines like art and science but more so in the digital marketing industry. We have touched on this topic—colour psychology, […]

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