Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Nov 12 2019

Red Flags of a Black Hat SEO

Posted by Lou Valenzuela , , ,

You may have heard of the infamous black hat SEO. Hearing about it now sounds like an urban legend that has eerily been practised by many before. Actually, black hat SEO is not an urban legend, no matter how less prevalent they may seem today. Some SEO companies may even practise it to this day,

Nov 11 2019

How to Create a Strategic Content Calendar

Posted by Lou Valenzuela , , ,

Content is king, so they say. With the current tides of digital marketing, great content will ensure your spot up the search engine results pages as many genuinely open and engage with your posts. Every content you put up online is a perfect opportunity for your business to interact with your consumers. This makes it

Oct 10 2019

5 Tips to Surviving Google Algorithm Updates

Posted by Charisma Felix , ,

Some of us do not sit well with frequent changes happening in our lives. Some want to remain in control and secure and that’s okay—it’s how we roll, anyway. However, an unchangeable fact is that everything is changing and we will all be required to adjust. Besides, how will we roll without an external force

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