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Jan 16 2020

Social Media and Counterfeiting: Here’s How Users and Businesses Should Handle Counterfeiting

Posted by Lou Valenzuela , ,

Social media is a melting pot of all things that you can find under the sun. You can just scroll down and you find memes. Scroll a bit further and you would find news articles, and a few more then you might have reached either an existential crisis post or a bright and bubbly post

Dec 19 2019

Hitting Home: What You Need to Know About Emotional Marketing

Posted by Lou Valenzuela ,

Have you ever watched a commercial that almost moved you to tears? That maybe, if only it were more nuanced and if only you have watched more, you may actually become invested and eventually bawl your eyes out? These commercials often show day-to-day life living with a flair of drama or spiced with a little

Dec 16 2019

Fake News vs Digital Marketing: Where content marketers stand amidst the confusion

Posted by Lou Valenzuela ,

Information is power. Since history, we have seen how information has been weaponised and manipulated. Once information has been linked to the truth, be it the real objective and scientific truth or not, it can lead to friction and to a group of people who lack understanding for each other. Since the birth of the

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