Consumer Interest

Sep 10 2019

Manpower Tips 1: Freelance SEO professionals vs SEO Agencies

Posted by Charisma Felix

Sometimes we’re offered two choices: the easy way or the hard way. But we all know life isn’t that easy and it’s only full of surprises. This is why we should take our time and think twice before we make a decision. You can say the same when we’re you’re hiring a professional. In the

Sep 04 2019

Target Market Research: Generation Gaps And Differences

Posted by Charisma Felix

Understanding the target market is a must for every brand. Without it, reaching out to your audience and make a sale is going to be a little harder to achieve. But, do you know that with the help of generation charts, you can easily get to know your consumers in a deeper way? Nowadays, one

Aug 26 2019

5 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies From Disney

Posted by Charisma Felix ,

Some of the biggest companies in the world—Marvel, Star Wars, ABC, Pixar—are owned by one giant mouse. The massive corporation of Walt Disney has been acquiring a lot of cash in recent years which can be attributed to owning several corporations all at once. Visualise a giant mouse towering over a pile of other famous

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