Content Marketing

Oct 15 2019

Your Complete Guide to Repurposing Content

Posted by Peach Angeles ,

  In content marketing, merely publishing blog posts and getting decent website traffic on a regular basis isn’t enough. You have to constantly get them in front of users who will actually find them valuable and share them with their network—and one way to extend their reach is to repurpose and redistribute them on other

Sep 30 2019

What You Should Know About E-A-T

Posted by Kate Santos ,

In the land of search engines, there are certain guiding principles that need to be followed for Google to deem your website a high-quality page. The goal of page quality rating is to assess how well a page achieves its purpose and the rules that it must follow are called “Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines”. One

Sep 20 2019

Statistics Show: How Citing External Data in Content Can Boost Traffic 

Posted by Peach Angeles ,

With content creation and marketing as part of our core digital marketing strategies, we are keeping our noses to the grindstone to create valuable, engaging content that will boost traffic to our website.  While we take some credit to the flooding of content on the web, we make sure that whatever we publish online is

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