Digital Marketing | What Can We Learn From Disney Plus?

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Disney+, also known as Disney Plus, launched in 2019 in the US and garnered positive reception, thanks to the app’s affordable price and variety of TV shows. Even though most of its negative reviews mention significant technical issues, Disney+ became a success overall, especially in Singapore.


The success of Disney+ paved the way for its expansion worldwide. Many fans are rejoicing to experience the complete package of popular Disney shows.


However, Disney+ did not become an instant success because of its features alone. Thanks to successful content marketing in Singapore, Disney+ released in the country in February, 2021 to critical acclaim from critics and fans alike.


Disney has been making smart decisions with their digital marketing strategies as of late, and Disney+ is a perfect example. Perhaps you could learn a thing or two from Disney+ when it comes to digital marketing.


Here are some of the things marketers can learn from Disney and its marketing strategies.


5 Things Marketers Can Learn From Disney+

Learn from Disney Plus


1. Repurpose Old Content To Connect With Your Target Audience

Nostalgia is a factor consumers consider when thinking about buying a product or service. Nike’s retro Air Jordans, McDonald’s McRib, 80s music—all of these invoke a nostalgic feeling, thus resonating well with people who love to dwell on the past.


Disney is doing the same thing by repurposing old content, with classic animated movies and series brought out to the world via modern technology. You can follow a slightly similar strategy by repurposing some of your old content as well.


For example, enhance your content marketing strategy by sharing some of your most popular blog posts, whitepapers, or eBooks into other formats such as videos or podcasts. These content marketing assets have resonated with many readers, so establish your relevance again by digging up your archives and repurposing old content.


2. Maximise Your Online Presence

By now, Disney+ is a popular conversation topic. It is not surprising since Disney invested a great deal of money and effort in online marketing.


Disney made sure everyone knows about its new streaming platform by covering each aspect of digital marketing. From social media marketing to content marketing, Disney used tons of resources to expand their online presence and let everyone know about Disney+.


Try experimenting with various digital marketing strategies to maximise your online presence. You can utilise social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and other digital marketing strategies to boost your online presence and attract more customers.


3. Offer A Reasonable And Affordable Starting Point

Promoting a new product or service is challenging, especially if most people are not aware of its benefits and qualities. In that case, always offer a reasonable and affordable rate when introducing a new product or service to your customers.


One of the reasons Disney+ succeeds is that the streaming service is reasonably affordable from day one. The barrier for subscription is not high, even for those who are unsure if the offering is something suitable for them, so they will be willing to trial for the first month and continue with the subscription if they like the service.


Before Disney+ launched in 2019, other streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon prime were already dominating the market. Streaming services were becoming more and more commonplace. Eventually, Disney decided to launch its very own streaming service as well.


Try to take advantage of rising trends in your industry, and follow Disney’s digital marketing strategy of promising customers something better. The trick is to present to customers something that other brands lack. In Disney’s case, the brand offered beloved characters and stories from classic movies and shows in one accessible streaming service.


5. Tell A Story And Share Quality Content

Disney knows how to pull at people’s heartstrings and tell emotional stories, through beloved movies such as The Lion King and Toy Story, which are ingrained in the hearts of many. That is why Disney promotes Disney+ as a streaming service that is full of quality stories and content that almost everyone loves.


Disney’s marketing strategy for Disney+ focuses on storytelling. The world-famous brand created quality content to highlight stories from their famous franchises, such as Marvel and Star Wars, to attract more customers and fans.


People love a good story. Try sharing quality content with your audience by telling a story to leave a long-lasting first impression of your brand. Doing so is an excellent way to earn trust from both new and existing customers.




Disney worked its way up the ranks until its leading streaming service finally gained recognition from both fans and critics. For your digital marketing strategies to accomplish your goals, take note of the mentioned ways on how Disney+ succeeded.


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