Social Media Marketing

Jan 15 2019

Social Media Marketing: What makes Birdbox phenomenon successful?

Posted by Carlo Angelo Suñga , , , ,

Ever heard of the film “Birdbox”? If you’ve surfed the web a couple of times, you’ve probably seen news about the film more than once. It’s no surprise; the amount of hype Birdbox has received can be attributed to Netflix and their massive promotion of the film. You may be interested, hooked, or even annoyed

Dec 21 2018

Google Algorithm: How to Stay Up-to-Date?

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Google algorithm plays an essential role in how your website ranks in the search engine results page (SERP). The only problem is that Google updates its algorithm about 600 times a year – and that’s roughly two new updates every day. Although most of these updates are minor, there are occasional major algorithm updates that

Dec 18 2018

Internet Memes: Then and Now

Posted by Carlo Angelo Suñga , , ,

  The internet is a world of its own. Thousands of online communities continue to breed new digital life and culture. People would exchange opinions, ideas, and themes, and a new form of culture would just automatically grow. Our digital culture is quickly shaping into something bigger, almost like an evolution of some sorts. A

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