Social Media Marketing

Jul 19 2019

Should Marketers Use IGTV?

Posted by Charisma Felix , ,

Early in 2018, Instagram launched its latest feature, IGTV.  While the newest video format hasn’t hit it big yet, it already presents a valuable opportunity for digital marketers who are looking to expand their reach.  But, should you be using it?  Having a better understanding of what IGTV is and how it works can determine

Jul 18 2019

How to Use Quora as Part of Marketing Strategy

Posted by Charisma Felix

It’s human nature to ask questions and believe the answers of someone who’s in authority—and it’s likely one of the reasons behind the success of many discussion platforms online. Today, these Internet forums are constantly fueled by its respective communities looking to discover new knowledge, develop more skills, and somehow contribute to the cause. However,

Jul 17 2019

6 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Posted by Charisma Felix ,

The Internet is filled with a vast array of opportunities for companies to invest in. Out of all the available options, social media may arguably be the best one. As a platform for marketing, social media is one of the most cost-effective tools available. It’s easily manageable with a wide variety of features. Best of

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