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Website design is essential in Singapore since it is one of Google’s main assessment features on website responsiveness to optimise user experience. Designing your site with quality layout and appealing colour scheme is key to success, and it will help you connect with your audience and expand your reach to other digital channels. After all, 94% of first impressions come from visuals and design aspects of a website.


Website Design Singapore 94% First Impression



Like search engine optimisation (SEO), website design has always been a vital part of digital marketing. Creating a high-quality website will open doors of opportunities for your business, and it is up to you to decide how you want to approach your website design goals.


Creating a website with a good design in Singapore comes with a price. The website design pricing will depend on your page features, layout design, and budget. For instance, you can hire a professional website designer to create a website with good UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), which can have a higher initial cost compared to designing it on your own. However, having a professional expert to work on UI and UX will ensure your website works well and is aesthetically pleasing to generate more returns in the long run.


If you wish to design your website yourself, it is possible—but it may not be optimised if you have little or no website development experience. Google ranking requirements are constantly changing and getting more complex, so optimising a website becomes more challenging. Instead of designing your website yourself, engage a website design expert in Singapore who has more knowledge and experience in the field of website creation. 


Read on and learn more about the reasons why website design is essential for digital marketing.


Why WebsiteDesign is Essential for Marketing



Part I – Website Design: Why Is It Essential For Digital Marketing?


Creating a well-structured website should be your priority to establish an online presence. If done right, especially with the help of website developers, you can make an excellent first impression on your website visitors. These professionals play a significant role in digital marketing since they can help brands design aesthetically pleasing website pages.


However, even with reasonable website design pricing, some people prefer to create their websites by themselves instead of hiring a website design agency in Singapore. While it is possible to build a website yourself, doing so requires more time and effort. Understanding the importance of website design is necessary for setting your expectations when designing your website. 


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Here are some reasons why website design is essential for digital marketing.


8 Reasons Why Website Design Is Essential For Digital Marketing


8 Reasons Why Website Design is Essential for Marketing


1. User-friendly Navigation and Easy-To-Crawl Website


A website has many elements that affect search engine rankings indirectly, and website design is one of the factors. The type of content and the technical backend setup of your website will influence your search engine rankings in many ways.


For example, search engines like Google understand a properly designed website better than those with terrible website design because it has better crawlability and can be indexed correctly. Hence, these websites have more chance to appear on SERPs.


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To improve your search engine rankings, consider seeking help from an experienced digital marketing agency in Singapore. Knowing more about SEO will help you gain valuable insights into website design elements that affect your search engine rankings.


2. Reduce Bounce Rates And Boost Revenue


A website design that is on-spot when it comes to useability, navigation, and overall UI and UX has lower bounce rates than those with terrible website design.


So what happens if the users stay on your website longer? The brand has a higher chance of converting these users and boosting revenue. Getting website design services in Singapore can make a significant change to your website.


3. Remain Ahead Of Your Competitors


There is a high chance that your competition is investing exponentially in their website design and development. Your website can easily get outrun by your rivals if you don’t improve your website design in Singapore.


If you want to stay in the competition, you should pay attention to website creation. You can look for a website design and development company in Singapore to improve your website.


4. Create A Good First Impression


Set a good first impression of your business to your potential customers, starting with your website. Show your customers a collection of website pages worthy of viewing by incorporating effective website design strategies that can attract their interests. You should also share new and relevant information related to what they are looking for online. 


When designing your website, start with an effective user interface that will entice visitors to stay on the website or propel them to take action, like make a purchase or inquire about what you offer. 


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In short, you should create a visually appealing website design that aligns with your brand and entices as many visitors as possible. A lasting first impression of your brand can be established if you continue to deliver quality content for SEO.


5. Earn Customers’ Trust


Earning trust starts with creating a reliable website to establish your online presence.


People usually do not trust and will doubt the credibility of poorly constructed websites. OnePoll even found out on behalf of BaseKit that 79% of consumers say that they will not return to purchase from a brand with a badly-designed website.


79% of Customers Trust A Website With Good Design


It is no surprise since most people will trust a business if its site is presentable and aesthetically pleasing. Doing so is necessary for establishing relationships with your customers so they will continue supporting you even in years to come.


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6. Showcase Your Business Credentials


When it comes to website design, examining other aspects of your website is crucial, including your content. You need to know which page is suitable for specific information, such as your certificates, portfolio, case studies, customer reviews, photos, etc. In other words, your site should contain valuable information that should serve as proof of your credibility. People will naturally trust professionals who have worked for many clients across multiple industries since they find them more credible. 


7. Connect With Your Customers


Allow your website to be the bridge between you and your customers since it will help you create the first impression of your brand. Try incorporating various website design strategies that will allow you to connect with your customers on a closer level. 


Besides putting social media buttons as part of the website design, you also add call-to-actions (CTAs) and sign-up forms to encourage your potential customers to submit an enquiry form and reach out to you. You can also connect with your customers through email marketing. Whether daily or weekly, you can send promotional emails or blog topics that can lead them back to the blog article on your website.  


FashionNova, for example, includes this pop-up as soon as a new potential customer lands on their e-commerce website. In addition to drawing the visitors’ attention, this pop-up nudges them to sign up so they can get better offers in the future. The visitor will receive 10% off their entire first purchase as an appreciation gift for joining.


Example Of How To Connect With Customers


Consider including a feedback button to allow them to create an account to submit their inquiry directly to your customer service team to address their concerns.


These are just some reasons why website design is essential for digital marketing. Following such guidelines will help you think of better website design and development strategies in Singapore. Not only that, but creating a quality site for your business can aid in your SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) capabilities.


However, one question remains: how much does it cost to design a website? Compared to the price of SEO , is outsourcing your website design worth the cost in Singapore?


8. Branding 


Website design trends have been changing throughout the years. But does it mean that you should also change the core of your website design? Not necessarily. 


You have to be consistent with elements of your website design, such as the colours, fonts, and style, for every website page. But you should also be able to adapt to trends and changes, especially if it will be for good.


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PART II – The Cost Of Website Design In Singapore


The Cost of Website Design in Singapore


Two options come to mind when it comes to designing a website: working with a website developer or building a website from scratch. These choices have their pros and cons. Not to mention, there are many SEO factors to consider that will affect your budget.


Discover the reality of website design pricing in Singapore below to find out which is better for your business.


DIY Website Creation: Pros And Cons


DIY Website Creation: Pros And Cons

Affordable Time-consuming
More freedom and control Lack of website design skills and knowledge
Free website design tools and plugins


If you are on a tight budget and need to create a website on the go, doing it yourself might be a worthwhile option. It is the cheapest and relatively quickest way to design quality website pages for your site.


Creating a website with a good design typically costs $200 in Singapore, and maintaining it will cost you between $10 and $50 monthly.  All of which will highly depend on the platforms and tools you choose.


For small businesses, owners can access free-to-use website design platforms. Most of these free software applications often come with additional fees if you wish to upgrade them, allowing you to add more versatile features that will let you design your site according to your needs.


To create a more extensive website, you might have to use website design tools with premium pricing in Singapore. You may have to pay approximately $1,000, and you can design around ten website pages. The downside is that your website may not allow interactive imagery and animations since most DIY software tools are limited to static elements.


Designing Your Own Website Extensive Websites
Website Design Pricing Upfront cost $200 and $10 to $50 for website maintenance per month Approximately $1000
* Warning: there might be some hidden fees involved when designing a website by yourself.


Here are the pros and cons of designing a website yourself.




1. Affordable


Regardless of how you want to design your website, DIY is a more affordable option than hiring a website designer and developer in Singapore. You can create multiple website pages by yourself with pre-set templates, which is preferable if you have some basic knowledge of website design.


2. More Freedom And Control


No one else has access to your website but you. With total freedom and control over your site, you can customise it in any way you want. You can speed up the process of your digital marketing campaign and alter any website elements without having to relay the request to an external party.



3. Free Website Design Tools And Plugins


There are countless free tools and programs that you can use to your advantage. Using free website design and creation tools and plugins in Singapore available on website builders like Wix can help you craft a quality website without spending a single cent. 


If you wish to upgrade your website design tools or plugins on your website builders, you can also opt for paid versions that can give you access to advanced features. Be cautious when implementing them, though, since the more you add, the longer it may take for your website to load, which could negatively impact how users interact with it. 


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1. Time-Consuming


Without a team of website designers and website developers, accomplishing all tasks alone is time-consuming. By spending numerous hours getting accustomed to the fundamentals of website design, you might not achieve your goals on time.


2. Lack Of Skills And Knowledge


If you do not have prior website design skills and experience, you might find it challenging to create a user-friendly website design. Even though it is possible for an amateur to complete website creation, the task requires long patience and strong determination. 


While trying to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of website design before making any significant changes to your website, you will also need to take note of the SEO factors. Otherwise, any changes you make can negatively affect your search engine ranking.


Not to mention, a DIY website design in Singapore does not have a fixed price. The amount you spend highly depends on your preferences and the tools you will use. Your overall expenses can be more expensive than hiring a skilled website designer if you do not monitor your expenditures.


Hiring A Website Design Agency: Pros And Cons


Hiring A Website Design Agency: Pros And Cons

Build A Website With SEO In Mind Engagement With A Website Design Agency Is Project-Based
Access to website design tools Less creative control
Create a high-quality website
Focus on your business’s core tasks


An alternative to designing a website yourself is to hire a website design agency that has a team of website designers and website developers who can provide you with everything you need to curate a website optimised for SEO.


You can also consider outsourcing to an agency with SEO and website design and development services. This way, working with an expert who has a well-rounded experience in the digital marketing industry will help you design and build a website that is not only user-friendly but also optimised for SEO.


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The cost of outsourcing to a website design company in Singapore is around $6,000 and often comes with a website design price of  $1,000 per year. The pricing depends on the number of pages on your website and the changes requested for your website. You must also consider the website builder and software tools required to develop your website.


No doubt that hiring a website design agency is considerably more expensive than doing it alone. On the bright side, you have a team of professionals to assist you with your technical requests. But is it worth the money that you will have to spend along the way? Let us find out.




1. Build A Website With SEO In Mind


A reputable website design and development company in Singapore nowadays builds a website with SEO in mind. Incorporating SEO into website development helps optimise the website and show higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Many of your potential customers will come across your products or services once you have a website optimised for SEO. 


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2. Access To Website Design Tools


Many free website design software tools are available online, but the paid versions that agencies use have extensive features like premium plans of Adobe XD, InVision Studio, etc. Seek professional assistance from website designers and website developers, and they will design your website using the best software in the market.


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3. Create A High-Quality Website With Optimised UI And UX


Whether your goal is to create a new website or revamp an existing one, your website designers will maximise their skills to help you achieve your desired results. A high-quality website with an optimised user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is attainable with the help of a top website design agency in Singapore.


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4. Focus On Your Business’s Core Tasks


The best part about hiring a website design agency in Singapore is that you can focus on the core tasks of your business. You can focus more on product development, increase customer engagement, and create better digital marketing campaigns, all while the professionals are busy designing your website.




1. Engagement With A Website Design Agency Is Project-Based


Like most agencies, a website design agency is project-based. That means once a website development project ends, it will be the clients’ discretion whether or not they will continue their engagement with their preferred website design agency by getting more of their other packages like website maintenance. 


You should find a reputable website design and development agency that offers full-suit services that cover website development and maintenance even after they have delivered the initial website design and development service. Otherwise, you will have to spend some of your time looking for an agency that offers the website development services you need. 


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2. Less Creative Control


There will be lesser creative control when hiring a website designer compared to doing your own website creation. You should know that every website design agency in Singapore possesses unique skills and experience. 


Before the commencement of the design phase, you can brief all your brand requirements, the direction of the content, and the website design that you like for your website.


Clear communication between you and your website designer is key to success in reaching your goals.



PART III – Hiring A Website Design Agency Vs DIY Website Creation: Which Is Better?


Hiring Vs Do It Yourself Website Design Which is Better


Eventually, you have to choose between two options: hire an expert or do it yourself. Not surprisingly, you would want to select the option that provides you with the most effective results at a cost-effective rate. Remember that both have pros and cons that you have to weigh based on your goals and needs. Factors such as time, money, and skills play a significant role in helping you decide.


In most cases, hiring a website designer is similar to working with a digital marketing agency in Singapore. The website design service is worth the price, and you will learn a lot about website design along the way, which makes it the better choice.


On the other hand, you could design your website by yourself and save the initial spendings, but it will require countless hours of hard work and learning of website design. You may have total control in managing your project, but you need to exert more effort since there is no one else by your side to guide you. You will also need to invest in website design tools to ease your DIY website creation process and get your business’s website up and running. 


SME Can Tap On PSG Grant For Website Development


The good news is that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore can now apply for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). Once approved, they can claim up to 50% funding support when they engage with a pre-approved PSG vendor for e-commerce web development solutions.


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To make a decision, you need to consider crucial factors that can impact your website and its SEO capabilities. Here are some things to consider when creating a website.


10 Factors To Consider When Designing A Website


10 Factors To Consider When Designing a Website


1. Mobile-Friendly Website


From the consumer’s perspective, a company that does not have a mobile-friendly website is not ideal. It makes sense since enhancing your site for mobile SEO is a must nowadays, given how many people use smartphones and tablets.


SEO is vital for your website. If that is the case, you could hire a website design agency or SEO company in Singapore that will help you improve your site for SEO and mobile phones.


2. Speed And Performance


Considering how advanced technology is these days, there is no reason why your website should have a slow loading speed. Make sure your site is running at an optimal speed since slow loading times can affect most people’s patience.

Here are the tools you can use to check the speed of your website:



3. Regular Maintenance


Make sure you have enough time to monitor your website and its performance. Since regular maintenance is the solution to such potential problems, perhaps you should hire a website design specialist to provide 24-hour website design services and support in Singapore for your site. In doing so, you can receive timely reports if ever your website encounters a technical issue.


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4. Quality Of Content


Like SEO, the quality of your site’s content is an aspect of website design and development that you must examine frequently. Optimise your website’s content for SEO to ensure that your website can attract more visitors. Not to mention, it will help you increase your search engine rankings as well.


Here are some tips for creating quality content:


  • Write clearly 
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Use a consistent brand voice
  • Keep things simple


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5. Colour Scheme


People remember brands based on their colour schemes. For instance, Facebook is a combination of white and blue, while Spotify is black and green. Do the same for your website, and you could raise brand awareness. If done right, more people will be able to become familiar with your brand.


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6. Navigation


First, plan your website architecture by listing your main pages and subpages. It will show the journey that users go through when browsing website pages. You can also assess your site navigation if it is user-friendly or if there are too many steps that users need to take before submitting an enquiry or checking out the item they want to purchase. 


A website with good navigation is more convenient and accessible for users. A well-optimised navigation system helps to establish your credibility. People who visit your website can explore a lot easier and find your brand more credible and trustworthy.


7. SEO


The website design process can also affect the SEO aspects of mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. Build a website with SEO-friendly features so you can reach more potential customers online. You can gain more visitors and additional traffic to your site. Focus on both on-page and off-page SEO to allow Google crawlers to identify your website easier and hence, result in a higher ranking on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs)


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8. Business in Operation 24/7


Your website is a 24/7 gateway for consumers who want to know more about your products, services, and business. Request for website designers to incorporate information on your website to let website visitors know how they can reach out to businesses if they have more concerns.


Consider adding a submit inquiry section or chatbot on your website that has a message to inform your customers that you will get back to them within the next working day. 


9. Browser Compatibility


Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Samsung Internet are the top internet browsers today. It can be frustrating for the users of these browsers not to be able to access your website.


Brands must guarantee that their website is accessible and loads properly on these browsers, especially their old versions. Otherwise, your customer reach will be reduced.


10. Website Features

Website features can make your website page more engaging. You can embed video or podcasts, use quick quizzes and mini games, survey, and social media buttons. These things will make your website design in Singapore more interesting.


PART IV: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Website Design


Understanding website design through self-learning can be tedious for some people. In this chapter, we will answer some frequently asked questions related to website design.


Yes, but website developers are the ones who bring the website design layout proposed by website designers to come to life. Even though that is the case, knowing the basics of coding can help website designers collaborate well with website developers.

The website design process is an elusive mix of hard, soft, and technical skills. Hard skills are objective, quantifiable abilities acquired through education, training, or work experiences. Hard skills, on the other hand, are frequently something that can be taught or learned.


Besides the creative aspects, website designers should be excellent in communication and collaboration since they will be working with several experts like website developers, SEO specialists, content writers, and more.

The home page (or homepage) is the name of a website’s main website page. The first page of a website appears when a user clicks on it and contains a preview of products or services and a navigation bar (often placed above) that helps a user navigate through the webpage.

All businesses require a fully functional website besides its aesthetics. At the very least, there are ten essential pages both e-commerce and non-e-commerce website should have: 1) Homepage; 2) Contact Page; 3) Product Or Service Page; 4) About Us Page; 5) Blog Page; 6) 404 Error; 7) Thank You Page; 8) Privacy Policy; 9) Shipping / Return Policy, and 10) Site Map.


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It depends on the type of website design and the number of website pages. On average, website creation will take between two to three months. The turnaround time could be shorter if details can be provided ahead of time.

There are various website design platforms you can choose from for website creation. Each offers unique elements and several plugins that allow you to optimise the website you are setting up for your business, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and Wix.

Consider partnering with one of these 120 website design companies in Singapore. Depending on your website creation’s demands, each offers its clients a variety of specialities and skills that could also be a tremendous help in your digital marketing efforts in Singapore.




Due to the importance of website design for digital marketing, it might be best for your business to hire a website design agency in Singapore that can help with website creation and provide you with technical support anytime.  If you prefer to design it yourself, you can up-skill your knowledge and experience to understand more about the user interface, user experience and website design and development that helps to drive traffic to your website.


In the end, your choice will depend on your goals and needs. You cannot go wrong with working with an experienced website designer and SEO specialist. Your money will be well-spent, knowing that your website will get the best redesign it deserves.


Consider outsourcing your website creation to a website design agency in Singapore! Contact OOm at+65 6391 0930 or leave a message on our website and find out how our website development team can help your business.

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