With various types of social media platforms available, instead of using all social media networks for marketing your business, you should choose the ones that fit your niche the most. Doing so will help you raise brand awareness and even strengthen your online presence without spending too much on social media marketing campaigns. Thus, narrow your choice now and be smart about which social media platform you should choose and use for your business.

Social media has become one of the most effective marketing tools for every company. With 4.65 billion global social media users, equivalent to 58.7% of the world’s population, any business can remain relevant and visible.


The Statista Research Department even found out that 88% of digital marketing experts said social media has helped them raise brand awareness and online exposure. You are missing out on a terrific opportunity to help your business grow if you are not taking advantage of social media as your marketing platform. 

Even if you do take advantage of social media, it is difficult  to remain active across every social media platforms without a big marketing team. To maximise your time, effort, and budget for social media marketing campaigns, you need to choose the right social media for your business to connect to the right audience. 


Here are the seven steps that can help you narrow down your choice and help you make an informed decision for the success of your business marketing. 

6 Steps For Choosing The Right Social Media Marketing Platform For Your Business

6 Steps For Choosing The Right Social Media Marketing Platform For Your Business


Step 1: Understand The Different Platforms And Their Uses

Even though social media looks similar to one another, each has its own culture. Understanding their differences will help you determine which social media you should choose as your marketing platform for your business. 


The infographic below can help you understand the differences between social media platforms and their usage.


6 Social Media Platforms And Their Usages


Step 2: Go To Where Your Ideal Customers Are

Once you have understood the differences between social media platforms and their usages, it will be easier for you to find and go where your ideal customers are. That means you would have ideas on which are the right social media platforms to choose as your marketing platform for your business. 


Afterwards, you need to know how you should treat your customers so you can nudge them to take action. The most successful way to do that is through customer segmentation. It is a modern marketing strategy that prioritises customers over the products or services. 


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The goal of customer segmentation is to target specific audiences with relevant messages once you have a good understanding where your customers are mostly active.


To finalise your decision, you need to consider the social media activities of most users. Doing so should give you some clues to engage with your target audience.


Users Social Media Activities 2022


Step 3: Consider The Nature Of Your Business

The third step you need to take when choosing the right social media marketing platform is to consider the nature of your business. That means the type of industry you are in and the solutions you offer to your customers. 


Listed below are the different types of e-commerce business models.


  • Business To Consumer (B2C)
    Businesses sell products or services to end-users.
  • Business To Business (B2B)
    B2B refers to businesses making transactions with one another.
  • Consumer To Business (C2B)
    Industrials can sell the goods or output of their skills to businesses (e,g., freelancers providing content).
  • Consumer To Consumer (C2C)
    Consumers exchange goods for profits (e.g., online marketplace).


Step 4: Define The Objective Of Your Business

Even though some social media platforms have more users than others, do not base your decision solely on that. Otherwise, you will not be able to meet the objective of your business. 


Instead, align your goal when choosing the right social media as your marketing platform. For example, if you want to provide accessible customer support, you should prioritise Facebook above Instagram.


Make a list of common and uncommon ways social media could benefit your business when defining the objective of your business. 


Step 5: Build And Be Consistent With Your Digital Marketing Strategy Across All Platforms

The next thing you need to do is to build and be consistent with your effective digital marketing strategy. Doing so will help create a brand image that is unique for you.


Setting brand guidelines is one good example of being consistent. Make sure you use the same tone and voice for all of the content you are sharing on your social media marketing campaigns to leave a strong impression on your target audience. 


Consider also creating a marketing calendar and plan the content you will be posting ahead of time. Lastly, you should stay open to inspiration to remain up-to-date with the latest trends. 


Step 6: Sneak A Peek At Your Competitors

Research everything about your competitors to know what they are doing. Determining the social media platforms they have, the content they are sharing with their customers, and how they engage with their customers. They can give you insights and ideas that can help you keep your account competitive and choose the right social media marketing platform for your business.



Choose the right social media as your marketing platform for your business so you can interact, connect, and communicate to the right audience and nudge them to take action. Doing so will help you further raise your brand awareness and strengthen your online presence. 

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