Beyond the Numbers: Key Social Media Insights in Singapore for 2024

Key social media insights in Singapore for 2024


As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of online presence, social media marketing in Singapore still stands as a dynamic force reshaping the way brands connect with their audience. And in the fast-paced world of social media marketing, staying ahead means understanding the latest statistics that define the game.


Keep reading to unravel the social media statistics of 2023 (gathered by DataReportal in collaboration with We Are Social and Meltwater), offering a glimpse into the transformative landscape that will redefine the strategies and approaches in social media marketing for 2024.


Key Social Media Statistics That Will Shape Marketing Campaigns in 2024


  • Social Media Use vs Total Population


    Illustration of social media use vs total population 

    Singapore claims the 10th spot globally for social media adoption rates, boasting an impressive 85.2% of the population actively engaged. This substantial presence underscores the immense opportunity for brands to effectively connect with their target audience through strategic social media marketing initiatives.


  • Daily Time Spent Using Social Media


    Illustration of daily time spent using social media 

    Users in Singapore dedicate an average of 2 hours and 8 minutes to various social media platforms, a mere 16 minutes shy of the global average of 2 hours and 24 minutes. This signifies a significant opportunity for brands to leverage social media platforms, ensuring targeted engagement with their audience.


  • Main Reasons for Using Social Media


    On a global scale, 30.2% of users utilise social media to discover content, 28.4% to stay abreast of ongoing discussions, and 25.9% to seek out products for purchase. These statistics underscore the multifaceted nature of social media platforms, illuminating their pivotal role in shaping effective social media marketing strategies that cater to various user needs and interests.


  • Most Used Social Media Platforms


    Illustration of most used social media platforms 

    Facebook continues to reign as the most utilised social media platform worldwide, debunking notions of obsolescence. Following closely, YouTube secures its position as the second most popular platform, emphasising the potential for substantial returns with visually focused social media marketing campaigns. WhatsApp and Instagram claim the third spot, with WeChat trailing closely behind, edging out TikTok in the global social media landscape. This hierarchy highlights the diverse avenues available for businesses to strategically channel their marketing efforts.

    Illustration of favourite social media platforms 

    Globally, Instagram secures the second spot in social media users’ preferences with a vote of 15.7%, trailing closely behind WhatsApp at 16.6%. This highlights Instagram’s enduring dynamism for brands, serving as an effective platform for social media marketing campaigns. By emphasising visually appealing content, brands can motivate their target audience to take meaningful actions in response to their offerings.


  • Average Number of Social Media Platforms Used


    In Singapore, social media users actively engage with an average of 7 platforms, surpassing the global average of 6.7. This means brands need to diversify their marketing efforts, recognising that a singular focus on one platform may not effectively capture the broad and varied audience present across the diverse social media landscape in the region.


  • Time Spent Using Social Media Apps


    TikTok commands attention with an impressive monthly average of 33 hours and 38 minutes of usage on Android devices globally. This considerable engagement signals TikTok’s ascent as a significant advertising platform, poised to be the next big arena for brands to showcase their offerings.


  • Seeking Out Brands On Social Media


    A notable 44.3% of users in Singapore leverage social media to explore brands and engage with their content. This spotlights the importance of social media marketing for brands aiming to enhance their online visibility. Focusing efforts on these platforms becomes imperative to effectively connect with a significant portion of the audience actively seeking brand information and content.


  • Types of Social Media Accounts Followed


    20.6% of social media users worldwide follow the accounts of companies and brands they have already made purchases from, with an additional 18.8% following those they are considering for future purchases. Hence, it is necessary for businesses to elevate their social media marketing initiatives, creating engaging content that fosters connections and encourages a broader audience to interact with and follow their brand accounts.

  • Following Influencers On Social Media


    Illustration of percentage of social media users 

    20.4% of social media users in Singapore actively follow influencers or experts, closely aligning with the global average of 20.9%. This alignment reiterates the potential benefits for brands embracing influencer marketing as a social media strategy. Leveraging influencers offers brands an avenue for authentic advocacy, targeted reach, and measurable results, making it a valuable approach in the dynamic landscape of social media marketing


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Essential Social Media Platform Statistics for Brands to Create Compelling Campaigns in 2024


  • Facebook

    Illustration of facebook statistics 

    • Facebook boasts a staggering 3.03 billion monthly active users, constituting an impressive 57.2% of the total internet user base worldwide.

    • Globally, brands have the potential to reach a massive audience of 2.31 billion through advertisements on Facebook.

    • In Singapore, Facebook ads have a substantial potential reach of 69.7% among users aged 18+, compared to the overall population in the same age group.


  • Facebook Messenger

    Illustration of facebook messenger statistics 

    • Facebook Messenger offers a significant potential audience reach of 1.04 billion through ads, comprising a notable 19.6% of the total internet user base worldwide.

    • In Singapore, Facebook Messenger ads have a potential reach of 39.7% among users aged 18+, compared to the overall population in the same age group.


  • YouTube

    Illustration of youtube statistics 

    • YouTube presents an expansive potential audience reach of 2.49 billion through ads, constituting an impactful 47% of the total internet user base worldwide.

    • Notably, the top three search queries on YouTube globally, from 1 July to 30 September 2023, are “song,” “movie,” and “video.” Brands can leverage this insight to optimise their social media marketing campaigns effectively.

    • In Singapore, YouTube ads showcase an extensive potential reach of 87.3% among users aged 18+, compared to the overall population in the same age group.


  • Instagram

    Illustration of instagram statistics 

    • Instagram opens up a vast potential audience reach of 1.64 billion through ads, accounting for 30.9% of the total internet user base worldwide.

    • The average monthly growth in account followers for Instagram business accounts globally stands at a positive rate of +1.10%.

    • Within Singapore, Instagram ads boast a potential reach of 57.1% among users aged 18+, compared to the overall population in the same age group.


  • TikTok

    Illustration of tiktok statistics 

    • TikTok unfolds a substantial potential audience reach of 1.22 billion through ads, encompassing 23% of the total internet user base worldwide.

    • TikTok business accounts globally exhibit a commendable 6.63% median engagement rate vs views for published posts.

    • Locally in Singapore, TikTok ads showcase an extensive potential reach of 63% among users aged 18+, compared to the overall population in the same age group.


  • LinkedIn

    Illustration of linkedin statistics 

    • LinkedIn presents a notable potential audience reach of 989.7 million through ads, constituting 18.7% of the total internet user base worldwide.

    • In Singapore, LinkedIn ads exhibit an impressive potential reach of 77.4% among users aged 18+, compared to the overall population in the same age group.

    • Singapore claims the 8th position globally for countries where LinkedIn ads reach the highest proportion of the population aged 18+. This signifies that brands targeting the Singaporean market can strategically leverage LinkedIn for effective social media marketing campaigns.


  • Other Social Platforms

    • Globally, WhatsApp boasts an impressive 2 billion monthly active users.

    • Telegram follows closely with a substantial 800 million monthly active users worldwide.


Social Media Marketing Statistics for Successful Campaigns in 2024


  • Sources of Brand Discovery


    A significant 28.7% of internet users globally discover new brands, services, or products through social media ads, closely trailing search engines and TV ads. This underscores the continued importance of social media marketing as a pivotal strategy for brand promotion and engagement.


  • Online Brand Research


    52.6% of internet users in Singapore conduct online research on brands, products, and services before making a purchase. This means brands must establish a robust social media presence to effectively reach and engage with their audience during the decision-making process.


  • Online Brand Interactions


    Within the cohort of internet users engaged in online brand interactions, 24.3% watched a video produced by a brand, 22.9% opted to follow a brand on a social network, and 20.1% visited a brand’s social network page. Thus, creating compelling and visually appealing content, as well as establishing a strong online presence are important for brands looking to engage their target audience.


Staying attuned to the latest social media platform and marketing statistics is paramount for crafting impactful strategies. Globally, social media marketing continues to be a powerhouse, and Singapore is no exception.
Brands can capitalise on the fertile ground of social media to foster meaningful interactions with their target audience. With billions of active users on various platforms, the focus shifts from quantity to quality. Crafting content that resonates with the specific audience segments becomes imperative for successful social media campaigns.
Combining a strategic blend of data-driven insights and creative innovation, brands not only thrive but also leave a lasting impact on their audience in the world of social media.
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