What is Technical SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consists of many different components and one of which is technical SEO. The technical SEO definition revolves around helping search engine spiders crawl and index your website more effectively to enhance your organic rankings on search engines. Search engine spiders are bots used by search engines to learn about the content in every single webpage on the Internet. In this way, information can be retrieved when users type in their search queries. Think of it as having to organise a whole library of books. The search engine spider acts like the library worker, cataloguing all the books in a manner that is easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. Translating this back to the online landscape, the process of categorising data is known as indexing.


Ultimately, this process of organisation is done by ensuring proper website and server optimisations, which begets the question – what exactly does proper website and server optimisations entail?


While the technical aspects of optimising your website are aplenty, some important elements involve having a secure connection, responsive designs and fast loading time. When your website’s technical SEO is in order, search engines are more likely to rank your website well.

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    Why is Technical SEO so important?

    Technical SEO is essential as it improves your website’s ranking on search engines, giving your brand the visibility and recognition it deserves. There are a myriad of benefits proper technical SEO practices bring that result in improved search engine rankings.

    User-friendly and mobile-friendly website

    As implementing technical SEO ensures faster website loading times and eliminates duplicate content, this makes for a more user friendly experience. In addition, having a mobile friendly website is also taken into consideration, a key element as most are now using search engines through their phones.

    Website Indexation and Crawling

    Getting your website indexed and crawled is necessary for search engines to recognise your content. When search engines understand your content, they can display your website should users search for something relevant to you.

    Safe and Secure Website

    Implementing technical SEO allows your website to be connected over HTTPS for enhanced safety and security. This also empowers increased rankings on Google search results as Google encourages strong website security.

    Google-optimised Website

    With a technical SEO audit, you can assess your website to see how well-optimised it is for Google. Making the necessary technical SEO changes will enable your site to rank higher on Google for improved brand awareness.

    Identify Website Structure Issues

    A poor website structure leads to poor user experience. Technical SEO identifies website structure issues so that you can correct them for the best user experience and hence, boost search engine rankings.

    Technical SEO Elements

    The variety of technical SEO elements ensure that common technical SEO issues are solved. Below are some of the aspects involved.


    Contains the blueprint of your website that enables search engines to crawl and index and prioritise content, optimising SEO performance and rankings.

    Site Architecture

    Refers to how your website’s pages are structured and linked. Site architecture is important as it helps crawlers and users search for information they require quickly and easily.

    URL Structure

    Referring to how your website’s URL is named, the URL structure plays an integral role in informing Google about your content and how each page’s content relates to another.

    Structured Data/Schema Markup

    A structured data vocabulary, schema markups empower the deliverance of rich results by enabling search engines to understand and create relationships between said results. This includes structuring data around people, places, reviews and more.

    HTTPS Security

    The securer version of HTTP, HTTPS is the primary protocol used to send data between a web browser and website. It ensures any sensitive information is protected.

    Mixed Content

    When your secure webpage loaded through HTTPS consists of elements served through the insecure HTTP protocol, a security risk is presented. Technical on page SEO eliminates mixed content for better safety.

    Page Speed and Core Web Vitals

    Specific factors that Google considers integral for quality user experience include page speed. Websites with optimal core web vitals are favoured by Google, which enhances ranking.

    Mobile Responsiveness

    This refers to how mobile-friendly your website is. As Google favours mobile-friendly sites, mobile responsiveness is key to improving ranking.

    Meta Robots Tag

    These are pieces of code that provide crawlers with instructions on how to index a website’s content. This allows you to choose which pages you wish to showcase and which to hide.

    Broken Internal and Outbound Links

    Links that cannot be found or accessed by the user. Technical on page SEO identifies broken links to be fixed, ensuring a more seamless user experience.

    Duplicate Content Issues

    Occurs when there is similar content within or across domains. This confuses Google, forcing the search engine to choose one to rank. Without duplicate content issues, ranking is improved.


    An open source project designed to create mobile-friendly content that loads quickly across all devices. This positively impacts ranking as Google prefers mobile-responsive sites.


    Let search engines know that a specific URL is the master copy of a page. This prevents issues caused by duplicate content.

    Implement hreflang for International Websites

    Informs Google the language used on a specific page, allowing the relevant results to be served to users searching in that language. This gives your content a global SEO boost.


    Tools for Technical SEO

    Google Search Console

    Measure your site’s organic clicks and impressions, so that you can rectify issues to give your website the ranking boost it needs.

    Google Analytics

    Provides data and insights to better understand your website traffic and customers to improve SEO, digital marketing efforts and marketing ROI.

    PageSpeed Insights

    Reports on the performance of a webpage across mobile and desktop devices and provides suggestions on how the page can be enhanced.

    Screaming Frog

    A fast and advanced SEO site audit tool with search engine spiders that can crawl both small and large sites.


    An all-in-one tool suite with comprehensive reports to improve online visibility and discover marketing insights.


    An SEO software that encapsulates tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits to strengthen digital marketing strategies.

    Choosing OOm as Your Technical SEO Agency

    As an SEO company in Singapore, OOm has been assisting SMEs and enterprises with their SEO endeavours since 2006. As one of the pioneers in digital marketing and SEO, the agency’s years of experience places it in the perfect position to help your business triumph over the SEO online landscape. Leverage our technical SEO expertise and outsource any of your SEO projects to our team for seamless and effective digital marketing campaigns.

    SEO Team to Work on Your Technical SEO

    With an in-house SEO team, every part of the technical SEO process can be well-executed by us for unparalleled quality and excellent output. Our highly-skilled and competent SEO team will collaborate closely with you for deeper insight on what works and your preferences. Hiring OOm means getting greater peace of mind that your SEO campaigns are managed by a reliable and experienced SEO agency in Singapore.


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