Look Who’s Talking: Yue Han

For today’s Look Who’s Talking, we look at another key personality of OOm: Yue Han!


He’s one OOm’s Business Managers and is the first contact of OOm’s clients. He came into OOm as a rookie with almost no experience, but he sure proved himself! See what he has to say below:




Describe Your Role At OOm

I am one of the Business Managers in OOm. My job is to find business opportunities by identifying prospects and evaluating their position in the industry, as well as researching and analyzing marketing strategy options. I also sell digital marketing services to potential clients by establishing contact and developing relationships with prospects and recommending solutions.



What Is One Word That Can Be Used To Describe Your Personality?

Smile. 😉



Who Is Your Favourite Comic Book Character And Why?

Captain America; He is someone who doesn’t have extraordinary powers except for his shield that can tolerate all kind of attacks. But his perseverance and leadership have never failed to bring his team and country to the winning edge of the battlefield.



If You Had 24 Hours To Spend In Another Country, Where Would You Spend It?

If I have 24 hours to spend in another country, I would definitely spend it in Japan!  I really love their culture and the characteristics of their community. They are always polite, sincere, and thoughtful in the things that they do which you don’t get much from anywhere else. The weather over there is windy even during sunny days, and this is something which hardly occurs in Singapore.



What Do You Find Most Fulfilling In Your Work?

Getting to meet new people every day, understanding what’s happening to the economics of Singapore and how all the industries are adapting to the process. Because of my work, I also get to monitor the times when we gain an advantage over our competitors. It gives me a sense of achievement and serves as a consistent motivation for myself.



What’s Your Biggest Achievement While Working In OOm?

Achievement is not only based on achieving the sales target. Being a rookie with no experience in both digital marketing and sales before I joined OOm, I managed to prove to myself a number of times when it comes to closing deals. I will take my very first meeting as an example, when I met up with the client which I managed to close ON THE SPOT. It’s that kind of feeling that you can’t get elsewhere.



What Do You Often Do During Your Free Time

I will normally be watching YouTube videos and keeping my mouth and stomach busy with food. Those are the times that I can really relax myself! Hahaha.



How Do You Address The Needs Of Your Clients?

First, as a business consultant, I will need to identify the needs of the industry and the environment that my clients are in. This will help us to plan out a more appropriate marketing strategy; after that, it’s my job to relate the objective along with the progress to help my client understand the approach and methodology before starting any campaign.



How Do You Keep Clients Satisfied With The Services Of OOm?

To build a friendship with all my clients is my main objective, this will help us to further dive in and understand what the client is facing and assist them accordingly. Understanding them will be one of the main ways to satisfy them as a business consultant.


What Do You Love About OOm?

Talented, Driven, Innovative, Dedicated and Transparency.