Look Who’s Talking: Serena Chen


  Today we give you a sneak-peek at some of OOm’s most notable people as part of our ongoing column series titled “Look Who’s Talking”! Here, you will meet the people behind OOm’s success and know more about them.   Next in our series is the energetic yet diligent Head of Operations: Serena Chen.   […]

Look Who’s Talking: Wyvan Xu

For today’s “Look Who’s Talking” series, we sat down with OOm’s Chief Operations Officer Wyvan Xu! The co-founder of OOm may look tough on the outside, but he’s a really friendly and chatty person inside! Find out more about him below:     1. Describe your role at OOm As the Chief Operation Officer, I […]

Look Who’s Talking: Ansabel Lim

For our Look Who’s Talking this week, let’s take a look at one of the mysterious profiles in OOm. She works on OOm’s back-end and deals with strategising our campaigns and ensuring that our campaigns are top-of-the-line. Please welcome one of our campaign strategists: Ansabel Lim!       Describe Your Role At OOm. A back-end warrior […]

Look Who’s Talking: Charisma Felix

Hi everyone! This week, we cover one of the “colourful” people in OOm: Charisma “Cha” Felix!   She’s one of the content writers of OOm that provides the plethora of useful and exciting content on our site. When it comes to writing for clients, she’s a “jack-of-all-trades” and can come up with really exciting content […]

How To Be A Boss: Top Qualities Of A CEO

At some point, everyone dreams of being their boss.   But while it’s easy enough to dream being a boss, the reality of the work isn’t as easy. As the “boss”, the “head honcho”, the “man”, you have big responsibilities in the company that can either make or break your company’s image. It’s not easy […]