Look Who’s Talking: Ansabel Lim

For our Look Who’s Talking this week, let’s take a look at one of the mysterious profiles in OOm. She works on OOm’s back-end and deals with strategising our campaigns and ensuring that our campaigns are top-of-the-line. Please welcome one of our campaign strategists: Ansabel Lim!




Describe Your Role At OOm.

A back-end warrior who munches on food every now and then. I also run a FOC convenience store in my office drawers. From snacks to medicine, I have them all. Ask and you shall have, I don’t bite!



What Do You Find Most Fulfilling In Your Work?

I enjoy learning new things along the way and gaining exposure to different products & services. Of course, it’s a bonus if the campaigns are doing well & the clients are happy. J



What’s The Most Challenging Part Of Your Work?

Thinking on my feet at all times and coming up with good solutions. Prior to this role, I did not have experience in SEM. I am still trying my best to understand things better, so do bear with me.



How Do You Address The Needs Of Your Clients?

I try to put myself in their shoes, analyse the situation and propose recommendations.



What Do You Like To Do Outside Of Work?

Other than sleeping and stuffing my face with food, I watch dramas (mainly Korean ones). And when I feel inspired, I do art & craft. On weekends, I become a part-time tutor/nanny/entertainer to my younger cousins.



What’s The Best Approach To Resolving Conflict At Work?

Stay calm and talk things out patiently. Take a deep breath and think of how to resolve the issue. Be positive, everything will work out somehow! 😀



What’s The Best Way To Earn Your Client’s Trust

Be sincere and assure them that you are here to help.



Where’s The Coolest Place You’ve Ever Been/Travelled To?

Cappadocia, Turkey. Colourful hot air balloons, unique rock formations & beautiful skies at the break of dawn – it felt so surreal…



How Do You Recharge From A Busy Week?

Eat. Sleep. Catch up with friends. Occasionally visit museums or attend events.



What Do You Love About OOm?

Everyone’s really nice & patient! There’s always fun & laughter around 🙂