Digital Marketing Trends 2019: Are you maximising your marketing budget?

It is ideal for companies to plan for their yearly budget ahead of time. Through proper planning, they can foresee prospective income, expenses, and investments. Part of this planning is to identify the budget that goes to their marketing and advertising initiatives. As a professional in this industry, we have been aware of how the […]

Social Media Marketing: What makes Birdbox phenomenon successful?

Ever heard of the film “Birdbox”? If you’ve surfed the web a couple of times, you’ve probably seen news about the film more than once. It’s no surprise; the amount of hype Birdbox has received can be attributed to Netflix and their massive promotion of the film. You may be interested, hooked, or even annoyed […]

Google +: The Silent Hill Of Social Media

Fans of horror games and movies will be all too familiar with the fictional ghost town of “Silent hill”. It is, perhaps, one of the biggest and most popular survival horror games in the market and spans a large following across generations. Like the fictional city of Silent Hill, Google + also share the same […]

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