Marketing Strategies That Will Stay Even In Post-Pandemic

Marketing Strategies That Will Stay Even In Post-Pandemic

The article highlights the digital marketing strategies that are expected to remain relevant in the post-pandemic world. That includes going digital, leveraging search trends, using marketing automation, investing in first-party data, and driving sales with video campaigns. By implementing these strategies, businesses can build a strong online presence, gain valuable customer insights, automate repetitive tasks, and connect with customers on a deeper level. The article ends with a call to action for businesses to implement these tactics to thrive in the post-pandemic marketplace.

How Does Generation Z Influence The Future of Retail And Services?

How Does Generation Z Influence The Future of Retail And Services

Since Generation Z is the future consumer, businesses, especially in retail services and the e-commerce industry should take note of their influence. In this article, you will learn various things about Gen Z: 1) Inspiration Comes First, Selling Comes Second, 2) Desires Engaging Experiences, and 3) Gen Z’s Opinion Can Impact Family Decisions. You will also discover some statistics that correspond to Generation Z influences.

10 Marketing Strategies For D2C E-commerce Businesses In Singapore

Marketing Strategies For D2C E-commerce Businesses

If you are planning to establish a D2C e-commerce business in Singapore, here are the marketing strategies you need to apply: (1) focus on a channel or platform, (2) providing incentives upon signup, (3) create high-quality content, (4) implement on-page SEO, (5) mutually profiting with partners, (6) enrich product insight, (7) connect with consumers post-sale, (8)invest in influencer marketing, (9) encourage user-generated content, and (10) optimise your website for voice search.

The 6 Essentials For Successful Performance Marketing Ad Creatives

Ad creatives are like images: they can speak a thousand words. They are visually impactful and can influence customers’ impressions of your business. Here are six essentials you should include in your ad creatives to have a positive influence and build better digital performance marketing: 1) Create Great Copy That Last, 2) Perfect Placement For […]

Private Hospitals & Medical Clinics (PHMC) Advertisement Regulations In Singapore

Introduction It is an undeniable fact that advertising and digital marketing are key elements when it comes to business proliferation and driving conversions. However, when it comes to advertising their services, medical practitioners face more challenges than others. The PHMC Advertisement Regulation Guideline governs how healthcare institutes (HCIs) can or cannot market their services, whether […]