Top 8 e-Commerce Website Development Companies in Singapore

Online shopping is becoming more prevalent worldwide nowadays. Statistics predict that there will be around 2.05 billion online shoppers this 2020, which is already 25% of the entire population. No doubt, the numbers will continue to grow. But while the e-commerce industry will adjust to the increasing demands of digital buyers, one thing will remain […]

Facebook Retargeting 101: Everything You Need To Know About It

As a social media marketing platform, Facebook is every marketer’s dream, thanks to the features that allow you to reach out to thousands—even millions—of audiences worldwide. But while you probably know all the fundamentals of Facebook marketing, there’s one form of advertising that you might’ve overlooked: Facebook retargeting. Behavioural retargeting or remarketing refers to the […]

Leap Year Marketing: What Can You Learn From These Brands?

February is right around the corner, and you’re probably thinking of a particular day: Valentine’s Day. The romantic holiday sounds cute, but there’s one more special occasion you might’ve forgotten:  it’s leap day! A leap day or leap year day appears on the calendar during years that are divisible by four. It’s easily forgettable since […]

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