Subscription Economy: What It Means To Your Business

The subscription economy is booming. The recent years have seen a hundred percent growth in the industry, increasing from $57 million in sales 2011 to a massive $2.6 billion in 2016. When the term subscription used to be all about receiving magazines each month, it has now diversified into a wide range of offerings with […]

Developing a middle ground: Client & Agency Understanding  

  Romantic relationships are like a combination of different potions. Sometimes certain elements blend well together, sometimes they don’t. When it comes to maintaining business relationships, there’s almost no difference. Both the client and firm should maintain “certain elements” so they can blend well together to reach a point of understanding. Sometimes it can be […]

Symptoms of a Dying Business

For businesses, there are only three phases that a business can be: expanding, sustaining, or death. Of course, every business wants to expand, but expansion is costly and requires a large sum of capital; sustainability then becomes a problem. When a business is in the phase of sustaining, the company is at a good position with adequate profit and […]

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