There is no shortcut to success nor fast growth. We all know that, but with more than 213 million businesses operating worldwide, it would be hard to stand out from the growing and fierce competition.


To break through the crowd, you need to be different. Your business’s digital marketing strategy should be creative, compelling, and iterative as much as possible. As such, you would be able to create a long-lasting impression on your customers. And that is where the growth marketing comes in. 


Growth marketing is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on strengthening customer relationships and nurturing loyalty towards a brand. In other words, it is a long-term and unique approach that guarantees growth organically. 


To understand further what growth marketing is and why your business needs it now more than ever before, make sure to read through this article.

What Is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing is a rapid but systematic process of experimentation across digital marketing channels such as websites and social media. Using this, you would discover the most effective ways to promote the products and services and help grow your business. 


When you use growth marketing in your business, you have to combine brand marketing with tactical performance. Doing so should help attract good-fit customers and convince them to buy more and recommend you to others.


To some extent, growth marketing is like the updated version of traditional marketing. The only difference is that it tends to cover all marketing goals, from awareness to referral phrases. As such, you can attract customers wherever they are in their purchase journey. 


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To make it easier to understand what growth marketing is, take a look at the picture below.


Traditional Marketing vs Growth Marketing


You should also know that growth marketing has been enriched with added layers. They can make everything a lot easier, better, and faster. 


  • SEO optimisation
  • A/B testing
  • Value-additive blog posts
  • Creative ad copy
  • Data-driven email marketing campaign


In a way, these can help ease your digital marketing efforts so you can focus more on other vital tasks in your business. To further convince you why your business needs growth marketing, read the following reasons below. 

3 Reasons Your Business Need Growth Marketing

1. Unmatched Customer Insight

Whatever industry you are in, customer data is always crucial. Just knowing who they are, what they want and do would be a tremendous help.


In growth marketing, you would continuously gather information about your customers. Those bits of data can help you come up and create campaigns for different stages of the customer journey. 


Think of it as a chess piece that helps you checkmate your component but here, you would see the promising outcomes of your growth marketing efforts. 


However, if you barely have time to collect customers’ information, rely on professionals. Take note that there are top digital marketing agencies that could take care of that on your behalf. 


2. Cost-Efficient

Since growth marketing is a process of experimentation, expect it to have a lot of trials and errors. When you conduct small experiments, you will discover what kind of digital marketing campaign works for your business without spending so much. 


In the long run, you could save up since you would only scale up a digital marketing campaign that works in your trials and errors. Hence, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars and pray your plan will do well.


3. Never Ends

Another reason why your business needs growth marketing is that its approach never ends. Since the goal of growth marketing is continuous growth, expect digital marketing campaigns to happen one after the other. 


Since the demands and needs of customers are constantly changing, your business needs to adapt to growth marketing. With a growth mindset and efforts, you can guarantee your business’s traffic, leads, and conversion will go upward.


If you need help, hire a team from an award winning digital marketing agency that has growth digital marketing experts that can help your business grow further. 


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