Why Is It Important To Run Both Search Engine Ads And Social Media Ads?

Running ads on search engines and social media networks can help businesses grow when they create interesting and engaging paid campaigns that capture their potential customers’ attention. To further explain why businesses should run search engine ads and social media ads, this article will discuss the three reasons why: 1) Increase Brand Awareness; 2) Better Targeting Audience, and 3) Help You Reach Different Marketing Goals, including what search engine ads and social media ads are.

Grow Your Business: Why Run Ads Both Search Engine And Social Media


Instead of choosing which paid online advertising platform offers the most traffic, leads, and sales, businesses should run both search engine ads and social media ads to reap more marketing results.


Given the firm reliance on search engines and social media networks from the internet users, many people will be able to stumble upon your products or services online regardless of where they are if your brand is present on both platforms.

Digital marketing experts should not question which is better since integrating them helps businesses grow more. Before learning the reasons why run both search engine ads and social media ads, let us look at what search engine ads are first.



What Is Search Advertising (Search Ad)?

Search Advertising is a paid advertising method placing a web page on search engine results pages (SERPs) of Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines. That is where 93% of online experience begins. Whenever someone wants to learn more about something they are interested in or value, they will quickly type their search intent to know the answer.


search engine statistics

This graph is a screenshot from Statista.


Users can find all the answers to their questions with just one click. With search engine marketing (SEM), you can help relevant information related to or about your products or services appear right in front of your target audience, and that is what search engine ads are.


The image below shows examples of search engine ads that appear when the user searches for “furniture shops in Singapore”. Every time someone clicks on the link, the website owner business or brand like IKEA will have to pay for it.

example of search ads


That is where the alternative name of SEM, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising derives from. It is a digital marketing strategy that helps improve the online visibility of a web page that contains most search keywords.

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Social media advertising (Social media ads) are a bit similar to search engine ads. They are paid digital marketing campaigns that also reach specific audiences, though instead of search engines, social media ads run and show up on search media networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and many more.


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With the continuous growth of social media users, many businesses use social media ads as a marketing tool to interact, connect, communicate, and even persuade potential customers to take action.


Here are two examples of social media ads. Spotify and Burger King use social media ads to reach out to those people who are interested in the content they are sharing.


example of social media ads



3 Reasons Businesses Should Run Both Search Engine Ads And Social Media Ads

1. Increase Your Brand’s Digital Presence

By running search engine ads and social media ads, your business is on all platforms for people to see, interact, and connect with your brand. Since millions of people use search engines and social media networks daily, having a robust digital presence can help expand your business’s reach and improve brand recognition on the internet. 


To successfully run ads on search engines and social media networks, you must use relevant keywords (related to your products or services) in each campaign. 

You also need to set the correct demographics of your potential customers (sex, age, interest, location) to guarantee it will reach the right target audience and use the recommended image sizes to persuade them to take action.


2. Better Targeting Audience

Businesses running an ad on search engines and social media networks can help them reach their target audience. They can use the data and insight they have gathered from one paid online advertising platform to improve on their next campaign. Doing so will help them find out who their actual target audience is and gain a better understanding of them. With higher accuracy of your audience targeting, the higher the conversion rate.

For example, you can target consumers who have clicked on your search engine ad to increase customer engagement with Facebook marketing campaign ads by using the data you have gathered.


3. Help You Reach Different Marketing Goals

Search engines and social media networks help businesses reach their marketing goals in one way or another. You can create and run an ad by taking note of your customer’s purchase journey.


If you want your target audience to become more aware of your brand, you can post an ad that could capture their attention and consider following you on social media. You may then nurture your target audience with content until they reach the consideration stage and turn them into paying customers.


At that point, they might want to learn more about your niche, which will make them search more about you on Google. Throughout their research, potential customers might stumble upon your search engine ads and browse your web pages. By being present on different platforms also increases the credibility of your brand which is a key factor in influencing your potential customer to connect with you.




Search engine ads and social media ads are both effective digital marketing strategies. If you want to gain conversions quickly, take advantage of their synergy effect and run both to get the best of both worlds in raising brand awareness and strengthening your online presence.


Get in touch with a digital marketing agency in Singapore if you need help running engaging search engine ads and social media ads that will capture the interest of your target audience.

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