Google Ads Average Position: Survival Guide

In a previous post, we briefly talked about Google’s decision to phase out the average position—one of their oldest metrics that formed the foundation of most digital marketing strategies for almost the past two decades.  The search engine will officially bid goodbye to the average position on the 30th of September (EDIT: We first reported […]

The Relationship Between Digital Marketing Components: SEO & SEM

The beginning of the digital era significantly changed how everything works today, particularly in the business world. One of the ways to make sure that a business becomes successful is through good marketing strategies. These techniques help promote and sell products/services through traditional market research and advertising. In the eve of digitisation, these strategies were […]

How to Market Pest Control Companies in Singapore

Singapore is regarded as one of the world’s cleanest cities, with its clear pavements and an overwhelming abundance of bins lining up its streets. But, beyond the glamour of living in the world’s cleanest city is its pest problem that’s as real as the fact that it’s also the most expensive place to live in. […]

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