List of Social Media Mistakes

To say social media is a strong medium for communication and marketing is an understatement. It has already broken the boundaries of reaching out to consumers. As a platform, social media is definitely more than capable of providing opportunities.   However, a wise man once said, “with great power comes great responsibility”. Like a budding […]

Finding the Right Social Media for Your Brand

Starting small, social media has since evolved to include a wide range of platforms that have allowed businesses to establish a presence online. But, while the opportunities to reach out to a wider audience is no longer a problem, the platforms that prove to be most effective in building a network, increasing brand awareness, and […]

Which Social Media Should You Be At?

Connectivity is the new normal, with the advent of the mobile Internet, we can now access the world of digital right at our fingertips. Regardless of where we might be, smartphones have allowed us to look for answers anytime – not to mention, to purchase products from brands with an established online presence. While mobile […]

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