Which Social Media Should You Be At?

Connectivity is the new normal, with the advent of the mobile Internet, we can now access the world of digital right at our fingertips. Regardless of where we might be, smartphones have allowed us to look for answers anytime – not to mention, to purchase products from brands with an established online presence. While mobile […]

What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Media?

Gone are the days where we have to rely on newspapers, magazines, and commercials to catch the latest ads from our favourite brands. Digital marketing has been steadily been on the rise since its emergence, and maybe it’s for the better.   Back then when print media advertising was all the rage, connecting with consumers […]

Marketing Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore

We’ve come a long way through the help of technology. We’ve advanced well enough in fact that medicine has improved just as much. Beauty and aesthetics therefore are no longer an impossible dream for the ones that can afford it. Aesthetic clinic practitioners perform non-surgical procedures to improve the overall look of their patients. And because […]

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