The Future of Facebook Marketing and How to Prepare for It

Facebook, as we know today, is barely recognisable from the social media platform that launched initially to connect Harvard University students in 2004.  Looking ahead, we can only expect the Mark Zuckerberg-led network to improve from the Facebook that over 2.7 billion users are signing into—and taking into consideration the changes that have been implemented […]

Brand Influencers: Do They Convince the Consumer

On standard, a brand needs support from influencers. This is practiced to encourage the consumer to buy. Boost In Sales   The presence of brand influencers is necessary to boost the sales of products and services. Part of social media marketing in Singapore is the sharing of photos and videos from these influencers. Seeing them […]

Singapore SMBs: Do You Really Need A Website?

Developing an original website for a brand follows a process. Thorough planning and consultation are necessary.   Online Business   Small and medium-sized businesses that are growing their brands may need the expertise of social media marketing in Singapore. For this medium, there are different platforms. The popularity of Facebook is prevalent. Also, sharing photos […]

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