Achieve Fastest Growth Through Social Media Video Marketing

Video has become the most preferred medium for content consumption on social media. Video content remains a relevant way to elevate your marketing and make your business grow on social media. One of the primary influencing factors for successful social media video marketing is 1) Having high-level relevancy; 2) Solid call-to-action; 3) Pleasing and arresting visuals; 4) Use of popular and relevant hashtags. Furthermore, social media video marketing can benefit your brand and business due to its capability to 1) Track Engagement; 2) Increases Appeal To Gen Z Audiences; 3) Can be Repurposed for Multiple Platforms; 4) Increase Conversion 5) Make Use of Trending Topics to Go Viral.

Video has become the most preferred medium for content consumption on social media. If you are looking to grow your business through social media marketing in Singapore, one of the core tasks to focus on is creating content for video marketing . 


Video marketing is defined as the use of videos to market and promote products or services to your target consumers. Video marketing is often utilised in digital and social channels to leverage engagement from the target market. 


According to Cisco, videos accounted for more than 82% of online consumer traffic in 2022. On Facebook, video posts often score the highest organic engagement based on an infographic article from HubSpot. Audiences spend a significant portion of their time watching videos online, from TikTok to Facebook and Instagram videos. In fact, users spend at least 19 hours a week watching video content

Consumer Traffic Video Marketing


Every company, enterprise and organisation can no longer consider video marketing as an option for their social media marketing campaigns. It now serves vital if you want to succeed in social media marketing.


How Video Marketing Work In Social Media

Video marketing is something you should learn to achieve your marketing purposes, whether it is about promoting your product/services; or getting your business or personal brand out in the market. In fact, it remains an integral part of every social media marketing platform. Many entrepreneurs saw it as an opportunity to make their target market fall head over heels for their brand, products or services. 


Video marketing remains a powerful marketing form due to one reason: accessibility. We watch videos from our smartphone devices to computers, even on modern TVs. Today, people spend more time on social media than ever before. Video marketing works in a way to encourage and promote social shares. Think of viral videos. Learning to optimise your video content can also help maximise its impact for your audience and marketing needs. You can read more about optimising your video content here.



User-generated content (UGC) is any content (video, images or text) created by an audience. Hence the term user-generated. It is an effective way to engage customers and improve your marketing strategy since it is made by the audience, for other users on the internet. Users can deliver UGC in a personalised or creative manner, which resonates more. Many brands are adopting UGC since it costs less than traditional ads. Unlike any ads, UGC focuses more on the customer than the product. 


An example of UGC is influencers creating a short TikTok video while using a brand’s product as part of the content for their digital content creation. You can think of a makeup tutorial using a well-known makeup brand. Brands can generate and make use of UGC to connect with their target market via:


  • Giveaways and contests
  • Influencer collaboration
  • Creating engaging questions
  • Leveraging via hashtags
  • Ad campaigns
  • Sharing reposts from other social platforms



Almost every social media platform uses algorithms to help deliver relevant content and to sort contents on users’ feeds. In fact, learning how to take advantage of a social media platform’s algorithm is one of the primary goals of social media marketing


The algorithm makes it easier to show video content to a specific user or group of people who like and follow content similar to your niche. Thus, brands need to make their content appealing to the algorithm to increase its chance of being discovered by other users using the right:


  • Hashtags
  • Video title
  • Caption
  • Sound-bites
  • Length of the video

Video contents are designed to be shareable content for users. Videos remain the primary pathway to obtaining more exposure and engagement in digital content creation. If you log in to any social media platform, you might notice shared video posts in the first few scrolls. Video content works well with algorithms since it captures the user’s attention longer. In fact, social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, promote video-centric features, such as Reels. They also have their key feature ‘Stories’. Each story is 15 seconds and only lasts on users’ accounts for 24 hours which is designed for users who are interested in short videos. On the other hand, TikTok uses the ‘For You Page’ (FYP)  feature that enables users to discover more content that is tailored to their interests/niche. The TikTok algorithm depends on the users you follow, the length of the session you stay to view the video on FYP before scrolling to skip to the next.


@starbucks Our favorite game. ✨ @Kristina ♬ original sound – Starbucks

Social Media Video Features

Different platforms host a variety of features to share video content. It can be difficult to keep track of what users often upload, where and when. However, you need to be on guard with the quality, topic and relevancy of the video content you are producing. In most cases, many brands often hire a content marketing agency or social media marketing company in Singapore to help create a successful approach. 


Here are a few video-related features you need to know for each social media platform:



Facebook has a simple purpose of connecting people using their personal networks with the freedom to share a wide range of content to give a general update about their daily life. For marketers, Facebook provides more opportunities to engage more in-depth with your target market since you can use business pages to make full use of various content, ranging from videos, images and written posts. 


Digital content creation creators can take advantage of the platform by allowing their published multiple contents to ensure it reaches the right audience and earn engagements per post.


  • Landscape and portrait-type feed videos
  • Livestreaming via Facebook Live
  • Facebook Reels for short, light-hearted video contents that are similar to TikTok
  • Facebook Stories for disappearing content within 24 hours



Unlike Facebook, where you can share different types of content, Instagram is more focused on sharing videos and pictures via feed. Users can also follow influencers and brands apart from their loved ones where they can see and watch highlight reels, which are curated video clips a user can create. 


Instagram creates a strong interaction via sharing of stories, reels and IGTV from brands and influencers (apart from other users). It is also a platform where brands and businesses can work with influencers to increase engagement.


  • Livestreaming via Instagram Live
  • Instagram TV or IGTV for extended-form of video compared to Instagram’s feeds
  • Instagram Reels for shorter video content
  • Instagram Stories for disappearing content within 24 hours
  • Landscape and portrait-type feed videos



Twitter is a special platform where users can join real-time conversations with different people apart from the ones they choose to follow. It provides a quick view, read and report on comments and posts, which makes it an ideal place for following influencers. Twitter is all about expressing yourself via short and easy-to-digest message posts and catching up with current news and trends.


Brands can use Twitter for ads or create quick snippets of information to educate their target market about their product or services.


  • Landscape and portrait-type feed videos
  • Livestreams



TikTok is perhaps the newest platform and most controversial of them all. TikTok specialises in providing short, quirky, and light-hearted short video content with the most audience, ranging from Gen Z to Millennials. TikTok uses the Feed algorithm that serves to provide endless video content for group users based on the video they like watching.


Many brands use TikTok to generate UGC and reach more Gen Z and Millenial audiences using short video content that is either fun or informative. Influencers also often use TikTok to attract more followers and audiences, which marketers can take advantage via affiliation or sponsorship.


  • Portrait-type feed video
  • TikTok Stories for disappearing content within 24 hours


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Social Media Platforms For Video Marketing


Why Successful Video Marketing Posts Work 

While enterprise and brand labels might opt to hire a content marketing agency to help them plan and execute video marketing campaigns successfully, having the knowledge of fundamental components for producing video content is still vital. The primary key for successful video content are:


The Primary Keys For Successful Video Content


High-quality and relevant videos

A relevant, high-quality video leads to a stronger connection between your product or brand and viewers. If your video content connects with your viewers, they will revisit other similar content. It can also convince them to make purchases or browse your website. Relevancy is one of the primary factors for engaging your audience.


Strong call-to-action

It is no secret why much high-quality content produced by a brand or a known copywriting agency in Singapore consists of a solid call-to-action statement. On the other hand, high-quality videos also use call-to-action to send the message. Call-to-action (CTA) helps direct your audience or viewers and enhances conversion. It helps you communicate your message in an impactful manner that can influence their actions. Thus, a call to action is crucial for successful video content.


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Pleasing and captivating visuals

Visuals indeed play a crucial role for the content to resonate more and increase better information retention among viewers. Visuals can aid learning while captivating your audience’s attention. According to most scientific perspectives and research studies, 90% of all transmitted information to our brain is visual. Hence, creating proper visuals with high-quality resolution and better graphics can help send and retain your message longer to viewers. Here is an example of a captivating SAS travel ad with visuals that can stir an audience’s emotion:



Use of popular and relevant hashtags

If you are learning about copywriting in Singapore for SEO, you will observe how keywords play a vital part in describing to your readers what your content is about. It lets your content be relevant to a specific search query. In video marketing (and other social media posts or blogs), utilising hashtags are one of the ways to make your content discoverable. Adding relevant and popular hashtags in the description or title helps make your video appear as related content. Thus, learning how to use hashtags is also another vital tool for your video marketing success.


Showcases the value of purchasing a product

For every digital content creation, there is a motive behind it. If you are producing a video for marketing purposes, you need to present the value of what you offer. Your video should underscore the value proposition of your product or service. Take a look at Nike’s ad that greatly showcases the value of their product:



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Benefits of Social Media Video Marketing – How Does It Work For Your Social Media Marketing Needs?

Video marketing can work to achieve your social media marketing, especially with the aid of a social media marketing agency. Here are ways how video marketing can be beneficial:


Video Marketing Benefits


Tracks Engagement


Whether you posted an organic or paid campaign ad, video content allows you to track shares, likes and comments from your post. Tracking the average time that your video was viewed will serve as an indicator to track the performance of your video and as a way to determine if the target audience is relevant or not. Almost every social media platform has built-in analytics that lets you view the current status of posted content. Consider paying attention to click-throughs from your video ads or exposed links with tools—it will determine if your call to action is doing well to entice viewers.


Increases Appeal to Gen Z & Millennial Audience

With Gen Z audiences growing up with YouTube, TikTok and other video streaming platforms  as their source of entertainment, they are more connected online than other types of generational audiences. It explains why Instagram and TikTok are popular and booming with millions of users, especially TikTok where gen Z users dominate. In fact, many techniques for successful content marketing in Singapore aim to win the appeal of gen Z audiences.


On the other hand, Millennials are also one of the dominating users on social platforms. Millennials are a generation born between 1981 and 1996. Marketers often target these types of audiences since they have a diverse group ranging from age 26 to 41 (according to Beresford Research). It is a generation that is constantly buying, consuming and sharing products they like. Based on a January 2020 statistic from Influencer MarketingHub, the purchasing power of millennials is estimated to be around $2.5 trillion. Thus they are considered a good target audience.


The Purchasing Power Of Millennials


Can be Repurposed for Multiple Platforms

While creating video content can be more taxing time-wise than writing with a copywriting service in Singapore. However, once you have completed it, you can share it across various platforms. Video content can be repurposed for greater reach, which means a greater return on investment (ROI) for your part. We can see how influencers and brands use the same video content from one platform to another with the same intent. Think of your Instagram Reels that can be repurposed for TikTok or your Facebook video to Twitter or Instagram. You can find out different types of video content to suit marketing purposes here.


For organic content marketing, you can post one source and re-share it on the other platform rather than uploading new video content. Uploading new video content for each platform can lower the result for each video aside from having a different video source. However, a firm or social media marketing agency will upload separately only if they are running ads on different social media platforms.


Increases Conversion

Among the purposes of video marketing, one of the main reasons is to create educational and informational content for your followers’ community. Producing informative and educational videos help understand and know more about their products. According to a report from Wyzowl in 2019, 87% of consumers want to see videos from brands, while 79% of consumers pointed out that videos convinced them to make purchases. Take a look at the example of this video ad from Samsung Mobile’s ad for Galaxy Z Fold 3.



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Make Use of Trending Topics to Go Viral

Video gives voice to communicate in an engaging way. One way to increase exposure and engagement is to take advantage of any relevant and trending content since it gives your content an opportunity to go viral. Videos are one the most accessible mediums, which can use relevant content to connect with your audience. Whether it is using a TikTok platform or pulling the most popular hashtags on social media, it becomes part of the success equation that helps spark conversation and make it more shareable.



You might need social media management in Singapore or a digital agency to help you with it. However, video content is a proven way to achieve your marketing goals quickly with higher ROI. 


You can further amplify your social media video marketing with a working solution from an experienced social media marketing agency!


If you are looking for a social media marketing company or copywriting service in Singapore, visit OOm for digital and social media marketing solutions. Increase your brand exposure and level up your marketing with an award-winning digital marketing agency.