The State of Digital Marketing Industry in Singapore

In a short span of time, digital marketing has evolved into one of the strongest, leading industries in Singapore and the rest of the world. It has become fast-paced and highly competitive – and while more organisations are embracing the digital transformation, there is a wealth of opportunities that remain untapped and gaps to overcome. […]

Video Ad and Brand Awareness: The Power of Video Ads

In 1948, The very first TV commercial aired in American airwaves, mesmerizing the crowd and opening television to a revenue stream that would generate the television industry billions every year. Fast forward to today, video ads are no longer just available on tv and have become a large part of our daily content consumption. Nowadays, […]

Content Marketing: Tips on creating marketing videos

It’s all about the content. We have heard that premise too much that it has become an automatic part of our marketing strategies. But boosting the content of your online platforms should not only be focused on blogs and articles, especially if you are also pushing for social media campaigns. We have discussed before that images […]