7 Types Of Video Content For Marketing

Videos are the present and future of digital marketing. You can attract hundreds of potential customers just by uploading high-quality videos consistently.


Compared to written content, videos are superior in terms of popularity and engagement. Although content writing and copywriting still play a vital role in digital marketing, videos have better chances of grabbing attention to attract countless potential customers.


The best part is that there are countless types of video content for marketing. The most popular type of video content is commercials, but there are many other options for you to consider that can help you improve your SEO rankings.


Expect more people to watch videos in 2021. Take the opportunity to engage with your target audience by maximizing your video marketing campaign. Here are the different types of video content for marketing.



7 Types Of Video Content

Types Of Video Content


1. Marketing Videos (Commercials And Ads)

As mentioned earlier, commercials are the most popular type of video content, and for many good reasons. For starters, short commercials can present your message more precisely compared to written or text-based ads. Not to mention, well-done commercials are much more engaging and entertaining.


If you want to promote your products and showcase their best-selling qualities, then produce high-quality marketing videos. You can broadcast them on television if you have a sizable budget, but you are better off uploading your commercials on social media where it is more cost-effective.


2. Testimonials

Customer reviews are much more common in the form of written content. However, you can also present your customer’s positive feedback regarding your business by documenting their statements in real-time or recorded videos.


Video testimonials are great for establishing your credibility. Get your customers to express their genuine comments on your business. To do so, encourage them to participate in your short testimonial video by rewarding them with something valuable, such as a discount or free product.


3. Live Videos

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, live videos are becoming more popular in recent years. People can watch countless real-time videos for free, allowing them to interact with the social media marketing page and other viewers.


The real-time nature of live videos is what makes them more engaging. A live video can give viewers a sense of urgency to watch it immediately once it is uploaded. The fear of missing out is what draws interested customers into your live videos. Use that to your advantage if you want to attract a ton of viewers.


4. Animations

Animated videos are a whole breed of video marketing and entertainment. They are similar to cartoons, with the difference is that animated videos for marketing serve a different purpose. With animations, you can make your marketing videos more entertaining, and lighthearted, thus attracting tons of views if done right.


Animations work best for social media, where most people are active and looking for enjoyable short videos. Create high-quality graphical designs for your animated video to become viral and unforgettable.


5. Vlog

Like blogs, video blogs or “vlogs” retain the same type of informal and structured content, with the difference being videos instead of blog posts.


“Vlogging” is popular among social media influencers, who present their content in real time or pre-recorded videos. You can do the same by vlogging about relevant topics in your industry to get your customers more engaged and interested.


If you want to upload a few vlogs, keep them simple and use regular equipment (like a mobile phone, tablet, or webcam) as much as possible. It will make your vlogs appear amateurish yet professional so you can connect with your audience on a relatable level.


6. Webinars

Last year, COVID-19 took the world by storm. No one expected 2020 to be a year of unfortunate events, prompting many people to adjust. Part of the said adjustment was to change the way people do their jobs, including seminars, meetings and events.


Fortunately, online events have become much more useful than expected. As such, “webinars” were born.


A webinar is an online event usually hosted by companies to connect with other people and businesses. You can host a webinar to invite an audience and interact with others to raise brand awareness and discuss relevant topics.


7. Contests

Contests and giveaways are popular on social media, which is not surprising since almost everyone enjoys a free prize. Encourage your social media followers to participate in your contest by promoting it in the form of videos.


You can post your contest or giveaway on Instagram or Facebook Stories to let everyone know. Try to promote your online program as early as possible to make sure your followers know the instructions for participating.




Which type of video content is suitable for your business? Try experimenting with each one to find out which offers the most rewarding results. If you need help, get in touch with a digital marketing agency for additional support.


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