Stunning visuals and graphics are great, but when it comes to marketing, words are more powerful than you will ever realise!


When creating a call to action (CTA), the first thing you should consider is the effectiveness of your words in capturing the attention of your audience. However, that is just the beginning.  There many other factors that will affect the quality of your CTA.


The purpose of creating a CTA is to encourage your audience to make a decision that will benefit your business. A CTA can affect your search engine optimisation (SEO) since it can help you earn a higher click-through rate. With a creative CTA, you can motivate your readers to do the following:


  • Visit your website
  • Contact your business
  • Read your blog
  • Sign up for your newsletter


You could encourage your audience to do some of the mentioned prompts so you can attract potential customers and increase sales. However, a CTA is just some of the many factors affecting a person’s decision.



What is a CTA?


A CTA refers to words, phrases, and statements that encourage readers to take action. As much as possible, you should put a CTA in all your ads. Your CTA does not have to be full of flowery words and visuals. All you need to do is include a prompt or button as the final instruction in your ads.


A brilliant CTA might be the solution to all your marketing troubles. Even if you can create mesmerising graphic designs, you will not generate conversions without a well-designed CTA. Your CTA could be the bridge between you and your goals, so try to create one for all your ads if possible.


Your CTA does need to consist of mere texts or instructions. Creativity plays a huge part in creating a quality CTA. How should you make a CTA anyway?



How to Create a CTA?


1. Get Straight To The Point

An excellent CTA is clear, concise, and straight to the point. After all, you have limited space and only a few words to display your message. Make sure your CTA can deliver your message in the most straightforward way possible.


2. Be Honest And Transparent

Honesty and transparency are two factors that can make or break your CTA. After all, no one likes to click on an ad or link that says it offers a reward, only to give nothing in return!


For instance, if your CTA promises your customers free credits or points, then make sure it will happen. If your CTA fails to deliver its promise, you could lose potential customers and tarnish your reputation as a result.


3. Use The Right Words

When creating a CTA, words are your most efficient tools. Explore your imagination and utilise words that will inspire your readers to take action. To use the right words, you could follow these basic guidelines:


  • Be conversational
  • Utilise action words
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Avoid repetition


Part of creating a CTA is utilising action words to create a sense of urgency, as stated above. What exactly are action words, and how can they help your CTA?


Action words are those that ignite a specific reaction to motivate readers. In the digital marketing industry, using actions words are pretty much standard protocol for creating content.


For example, instead of saying “sign up, you could say “be a part of our community”. Notice how the two phrases are similar but still emit a different vibe. Try using action words to enhance the quality of your CTA. Your ads will generate conversions in no time!


4. Put your CTA in the Right Place

Most of the time, marketers put their CTA at the end of their posts or articles. You could do the same by placing your CTA at the end of your blog posts, articles, or web page.


However, there is no such rule that says you should always put your CTA at the end. Sometimes, you could welcome visitors to your website by redirecting them to your landing page first. Here, you can display a CTA to increase your chances of generating leads.


Where you put your CTA depends on your goal. For instance, if your website involves a lot of activities and interaction, you could put a pop-up CTA each time a visitor is about to exit. As a result, your visitors have one last chance to make a decision before leaving your website.




A compelling CTA may be the only thing missing from your website or content! Create high-quality CTAs to improve your SEO and increase your conversion rate. Follow the mentioned tips to ensure your CTAs are doing an excellent job of hooking prospective visitors and converting them into customers.


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