Ever Heard of Expired Content?

Apparently, it’s just a fantasy that everything online stays accessible forever. Access to different outdated content probably leaves footprints on different databases, yes. However, it still requires a supreme skill of hacking to be made accessible again. Some content stays online for only a period of time. In this day and age where digital processes […]

How To Detect And Avoid Negative SEO

The search engine optimisation (SEO) industry has had a significant transformation in recent years, particularly when Google released the Penguin Algorithm Update. Along with this update were severe penalties for websites that use black hat SEO strategies to rank. This was a great move by Google to get troublemaking outsource search engine optimization agencies in […]

The Relationship Between Digital Marketing Components: SEO & SEM

The beginning of the digital era significantly changed how everything works today, particularly in the business world. One of the ways to make sure that a business becomes successful is through good marketing strategies. These techniques help promote and sell products/services through traditional market research and advertising. In the eve of digitisation, these strategies were […]

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