LSI 101: What You Need to Know

Making use of LSI keywords is the growing trend in digital marketing. Google and other leading search engines are becoming more “smarter” in understanding the context of search queries and website content through LSI keywords.     Gone were the days in which Google and other leading search engines rely on keyword density to rank […]

7 Steps on Speeding up your Website’s Performance

We live in a world where if there’s something we want, we’ll get it in the most convenient way possible. This applies to our everyday actions such as the usage of mobile phones, working via desktop, and other technology-related scenarios.   Why is speed essential?   People are accustomed to the convenience of speed and […]

What You Need to Know About Technical SEO

The content might be the most crucial factor in SEO, but it is the technical techniques which help boost the online visibility of a website. There are indeed, millions of users in the world wide web; but the number of sites is twice (even thrice) the number of users. It would be difficult for a […]

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