What Can An SEO Agency In Singapore Do For You?

In the United States, 49% of all small businesses invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) services. 31% will plan to invest in SEO sometime in the future, while the other 18% have no plans to do so.


You could say that Americans are starting to take SEO more seriously nowadays. However, SEO is becoming more relevant each year, not just in the US but also in Singapore. Small businesses in Singapore can benefit from different types of search engine optimisation, including local SEO.


Mobile search queries in Singapore that include keywords or phrases like “where to buy” have increased to around 200% in the last few years. The rising popularity of mobile users has made local SEO a must for thriving businesses.


With many people using search engines for commerce, you can see why SEO services in Singapore are becoming more relevant. You can gain the upper hand over your competitors by using search engines like Google to connect with your customers. The best part is that there are many types of SEO that can help your business succeed.


Here are the different types of SEO services that an SEO agency in Singapore can do for you.



The Different Types Of SEO Services


1. On-page SEO

Each web page has a set of elements that can affect the website’s SEO rankings. These elements are part of on-page optimisation, a type of SEO that focuses on optimising content for a single web page.


Examples of on-page elements include:


  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Header tags
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Images
  • Videos


Optimising these on-page elements are crucial to success. By outsourcing your SEO services to an agency, they will take care of your website and optimise each of its on-page elements to improve your rankings.



2. Off-page SEO

As the name suggests, off-page SEO is the opposite of on-page SEO. With off-page optimisation, your goal is to focus on activities outside of your website that will improve its search engine rankings.


The most common example of off-page optimisation is link building, a custom strategy that aims to improve the quantity and quality of inbound links to your website. By acquiring enough high-quality backlinks on other relevant websites, you can improve your search engine rankings and raise brand awareness.



3. Local SEO

As mentioned earlier, small businesses benefit from local SEO the most. The goal of local SEO is to improve your website’s local search presence. In doing so, your website can be more visible for nearby search engine users finding something relevant or related to your business.


Local SEO will help you attract customers based on their location and proximity to your business. Achieve higher local rankings for your business to appear on Google Maps and Google Search more frequently.



4. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of optimising your website to help search engine spiders crawl through it more effectively. Doing so will improve your website’s rankings. Fast loading times and a secure cybersecurity infrastructure are just some of the things that can help your website achieve higher rankings. Other factors include:


  • URLs
  • JavaScript files
  • Mobile SEO
  • XML sitemap


Optimising each technical aspect of your website is essential for SEO. By helping search engine spiders crawl through your website more effectively, you can achieve higher rankings and better web visibility.


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How Can An SEO Agency Help Your Business Succeed?

Outsourcing your SEO services to a digital marketing agency can benefit your business in many ways. For instance, part of an SEO agency’s services is SEO auditing, a method of evaluating a website to discover any technical issues that could affect its rankings.


With SEO auditing, other related services, such as off-page and on-page optimisation, are part of the process. These off-page and on-page elements affect rankings, so digital agencies must perform an SEO audit to monitor these elements and achieve higher web visibility.


SEO auditing comes with many benefits:


  • Discover better techniques
  • Use keywords that will bring the most traffic
  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Create better-quality content


Another good reason to invest in SEO services is to compete against your rivals. Many businesses are already using search engine optimisation to gain the upper hand, so you should consider doing the same. Work with an SEO agency to perform competitor analysis and find out how well your website will fare against your competitors.




The possibilities are endless if you make search engine optimisation a part of your custom strategy. Outsource your SEO services to a digital marketing agency for better results. Competitor analysis, keywords research, progressive optimisation—these are just some of the ways an SEO agency can help your business.


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