What You Need to Know About Google My Business, and Google Reviews

There are now different platforms that allow you to boost your business in this vast digital space – one of them is Google My Business. More companies now set up their Google My Business profiles in order to become more connected to their target audiences in the digital space. If individuals have Facebook, Twitter, or […]

In Depth: Google My Business

I’m pretty sure at this point that we’ve played around with this topic on multiple occasions, but it may have had a limited screen-time on discussions. But on today’s story, we’ll be taking a more detailed look on how and why Google My Business is an important edge for your business. The GMB (or Google […]

Why We Need The Little Things: Google My Business (+Google Updates)

Businesses today will usually be able to thrive better if they expand their reach on the web. This is one of the main reasons why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) exists. But make no mistake, SEO today is not a one-shot-end-all move to have your business flying. An SEO campaign can be made up of a […]

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