Local SEO: 3 Ways To Rank Your Business On The Google Local 3-Pack In Singapore

Local SEO is one of the many successful digital marketing strategies for brick-and-mortar businesses. By optimising your website locally, you can attract more customers nearby and improve your web visibility significantly.


Ranking locally should be the priority for every small business when it comes to local SEO. To do so, focus on optimising your website for Google 3-Pack.





Google’s Local 3-Pack method displays the top three results on a local search engine results page (SERP). This feature considers the user’s location when they submit a search query.


For example, if you type “shoe stores near me” into Google, it will provide you with the three nearest shoe stores within your proximity.


Google Local 3-Pack

Example of a Google 3-Pack.


Because of the Google 3-Pack, you have more room for opportunity to reach nearby customers. Doing so requires you to rank locally on Google. Start by optimising your website for local SEO to increase your chances of appearing on the Google 3-Pack.




3 Ways To Rank Your Business On The Google Local 3-Pack



Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most valuable tools for local SEO services in Singapore. Besides being free to use, GMB can improve your web visibility on Google Search and Google Maps.


GMB is the perfect addition to your website. You can use your GMB profile as an extension of your website to attract and engage with more customers. More importantly, you can optimise your GMB listings to rank higher on the Google 3-Pack.


If you have not created a GMB profile or listing yet, try making one today. It will give you the upper hand over competitors trying to achieve the top rankings on the Google 3-Pack results.


Manage and optimise your GMB profile regularly. You can add valuable information about your business to your GMB profile. Doing so should increase your chances of showing up on the Google 3-Pack.


Here are some tips for optimising your GMB profile:


  • Publish posts on your GMB profile regularly
  • Update your GMB profile from time to time
  • Respond to questions
  • Collect reviews and ratings



The location of a business is not the only factor a customer considers. Customer reviews and ratings are some of the first things people check when searching for nearby businesses on Google.


It does not matter if your business is within proximity of your customers. If it has poor reviews and ratings, there is a high chance that customers will ignore your business. That is why you need to encourage customers to rate your business,


Customer reviews are one of Google’s ranking signals. The more positive reviews you get, the higher chances your SEO ranking will improve as a result.


Whenever a customer leaves a review on your GMB profile, remember to respond. Doing so is a simple yet effective way to establish your credibility and provide quality customer service.


Here are a few quick tips for encouraging customer feedback:


  • Take note of negative reviews and improve the quality of your services or products
  • Send customers a link to your GMB profile
  • Create a testimonial page and share it on your GMB profile



Blogging and creating quality content will affect your local SEO rankings in Singapore. The results of effective content marketing can leave a tremendous impact on your local rankings. By creating quality content through blogging, you can share valuable information with potential customers and gain their trust.


For example, you can publish daily, weekly, or monthly blog posts and share them on your GMB profile. Interested readers can visit your blog, thus increasing the likelihood of earning their trust.


When writing blog posts, remember to insert internal links. An internal link will redirect users to another webpage. By including internal links in your blog posts, readers could explore other pages on your website. This internal link strategy should provide Google with a clear structure of your website, thus boosting your local rankings.





Ranking your business on the Google Local 3-Pack is an effective method of gaining leads and boosting sales. Focus on achieving higher local SEO rankings to engage with more customers and improve your web visibility.

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