If you want to go local, focus more on mobile web design

Along with the fast-changing development of technology is the rapid transition of searching behavior of the consumers. In the old days, people tend to access websites using laptops or computers. But as technology continue to evolve, users are more comfortable searching with their mobile phones. An average user, nowadays, are searching almost everything using their […]

Look Who’s Talking: AJ Aviado

It’s that time of the week again! We’re now turning the spotlight to one of OOm’s heroes (or maybe a villain, depends on what he likes) of Search Engine Optimization. He is the most tenure member of OOm Philippines in terms length of stay (and age). For some, he may look like an average introvert […]

2018 App and Web Design Predictions: What will make your website stand out this year

Since the arrival of Progressive Web Apps, the web world has been revolutionized. It has undeniably changed the way we use the web. Users have become more adaptive in using their mobile for anything and everything they need online. Dominating the rankings is, indeed, important for your business. But to set yourself apart from other […]

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