Digital Showcase: 6 Tips for a good web design

A website is like a blank canvas that allows businesses to curate their design, capture the attention of their visitors, and make them curious that can spark their interest to see more. Anyone can own a website, whether for personal or business-related concerns. But the question is, how can this website make them stand out? […]

5 Factors of Website Visual Hierarchy

In the mind of every artist, there’s a vision that drives them to create fine works of art. The same can be said for web designers who put a lot of work in creating aesthetic websites. Designing a website isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s the same with art–you can’t just rush it. With […]

How to Utilise “Hamburger Menus” for SEO

Now that Google has announced that it will shift its main search engine index on mobile searchers, it is time for digital marketers to focus on optimising the mobile version of their website. This is great news for those who have already stepped up the game and created their own mobile site beforehand. However, it […]

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