20 Deadly Web Design Mistakes That Will Harm Your SEO

20 Web Design Mistakes That Will Harm Your SEO

A great web design in Singapore can make a positive, lasting impression on customers, potential or existing and help you get high rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), thus, resulting in more sales and organic traffic. If you want to achieve a good web design, avoid these twenty deadly web design mistakes: 1) Failing To Optimise Your On-Page SEO; 2) Poorly-Designed 404 Page; 3) Poor Website Layout; 4) Not Using Pop-Ups Strategically; 5) Looks Over Functionality; 6) Cluttered Web Page; 7) Not Optimised For Different Screen Sizes; 8) Ignoring Website Security; 9) Missing Heading And Metadata Tags; 10) No Contact Page; 11) Improper Use Of Fonts; 12) Wrong Colour Schemes; 13) Slow Loading Speed; 14) Overuse Of Animations And Flash; 15) Neglecting To Use A Sitemap; 16) Poor Navigation); 17) Not Incorporating Alt Texts To Images; 18) Lack Of Design Elements; 19) No Visual Hierarchy, and 20) Forgetting Call-To-Actions (CTAs).

Top 10 Essential SEO Analytics Tools You Need For Your Website

Top 10 Essential SEO Analytics Tools You Need For Your Website

Help your business grow by taking advantage of data. To do so, you need to use an SEO analytic tool that explains your website’s performance. That way, you can implement better SEO strategies to your website. In this article, you will learn the top ten essential analytics tools you need for your website: 1) Google […]

4 Key Steps To Develop A Website

Whatever type of website a business needs, the steps to develop a website remain the same. Whether you are building a website yourself or with help from website developers, there are four key steps to take when developing a website: 1) Purchase A Domain Name, 2) Choose A Website Builder, 3) Create Content For All […]