Help your business grow by taking advantage of data. To do so, you need to use an SEO analytic tool that explains your website’s performance. That way, you can implement better SEO strategies to your website. In this article, you will learn the top ten essential analytics tools you need for your website: 1) Google Search Console; 2) Google Analytics; 3) Google Trends; 4) Google Ads; 5) Google Tag Assistant; 6) Check My Links; 7) SEMrush; 8) Ahrefs; 9) SE Ranking, and 10) KWFinder.

Due to the increase of internet users in the past decade, search engine optimisation (SEO) has become one of the most crucial strategies for businesses. SEO can help them raise brand awareness and strengthen their online presence.


The only issue is that search engines like Google often update their algorithms to enhance the quality and relevance of search results. If your business’s website cannot keep up with the latest requirements, you can expect all of the efforts that you have made so far to become obsolete. 


To prevent that, learn to take advantage of raw data and turn them into invaluable insight to implement more effective SEO strategies for your business. Here are the top essential analytics tools you need for your website and use to conduct an SEO competitive analysis

Top 10 Essential SEO Analytics Tools You Need For Your  Website

A List Of Top 10 Essential SEO Analytics Tools You Need For Your Website


1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an SEO analytic tool that you can use for your business’s website since it allows businesses to identify users’ queries on search engines. Understanding the users’ intentions can help optimise your website’s pages and meet the users’ needs. 


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All you need to do is type the domain or subdomain of your business’s website and utilise the data to your advantage. 


Google Search Console Dashboard

This Image came From Google Search Central


2. Google Analytics

Another popular analytics tool you can use for your website is Google Analytics. Many businesses link their website to the Google Analytics account so that they can monitor the website performance after implementing SEO strategies. 


According to Sara Swaney, Director of Advancement, 412 Food Rescue, using Google Analytics has helped them understand their target audience further while cutting their reporting time to half. 


Google Analytics Dashboard


3. Google Trends

You might think that Google Trends is already an old-school analytics tool, but you can still use it for your website to improve your SEO strategies. With Google Trends, you can find relevant keywords and popular topics to add to your content. 


To use Google Trends, you only need to type words or phrases related to your business, select a country, as well as date range and start your search. You will see graphs that represent the search’s popularity.


Google Trends Dashboard


4. Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that has an analytical dashboard within the platform. Using its analytical dashboard, you will be able to analyse the performance metrics of your search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, display and video ads, and optimise them to get better results. 


To do so, you have to set them up. For SEM campaigns, you will be charged every time a user clicks on your ad on the search engine results pages (SERPs). That is where the alternative name of the paid campaign got its name, pay per click (PPC) advertising. 


After publishing your paid campaigns, you can run an analysis that can help you check whether or not it is making any traffic, leads, and conversions. With the gathered data, you can help improve the performance of paid campaigns. 


One of the things you can do to help improve your SEM campaigns’ performance is to add relevant words or phrases that come from the results of your keyword research. You can target keywords that have less competition but a lot of search engine traffic by doing keyword research. As a result, you can expect your ranking to increase for that particular target keyword.


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Google Ads Dashboard

This image came from Search Engine Watch.


5. Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant is another analytical tool from Google that you need for your website. You may build, validate, analyse, and debug your data on each of your web pages with this free extension, which is available for download from the Chrome Web Store.


Google Tag Assistant Dashboard

This image came from the Chrome Web Store.


If you are interested in using Google Tag Assistant and want to learn how to use it, here is a brief tutorial that Google has prepared


6. Check My Links

Check My Links is another free extension that you can use for your website. This analytical tool allows you to identify links from your website and external web pages (credible sources) that are working or broken. 


In other words, Check My Links helps you determine if there are any broken or dead links on your website and other platforms where you linked your web pages to gain quality website traffic. With this, you can improve your SEO off-page strategies. 


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Check My Links Dashboard

This screenshot came from the Chrome Web Store.


7. SEMrush

SEMrush is another SEO analytic tool you can use to analyse your website’s performance and improve your SEO strategies. Once you run the analysis, you will know what suitable and relevant keywords to use and how to improve your website performance on search engine results pages (SERPs)  over time. 


SEMRush Dashboard


To access the features with essential analytics tools , SEMrush comes with a cost. Here is the pricing that SEMrush offers for each plan they have. 


SEMrush Pricing


8. Ahrefs

Similar to SEMrush, Ahref is another advanced SEO analytic tool that you can use to check your website’s performance. Once you run an analysis with Ahrefs, you will see how many backlinks and organic traffic you have acquired over the past months or weeks.

Ahrefs Dashboard

This screenshot of Ahrefs Dashboard came from its website


However, since Ahrefs offers more advanced analytic features to check a website’s performance, it is not free. Ahrefs package pricing is as follows.


Ahrefs Pricing


9. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an SEO analytic tool that is more affordable than SEMrush and Ahrefs. You can use SE Ranking to check keyword ranking, website health audit, competitor and backlinks analysis.


SERanking Dashboard


Here is the pricing of each plan if you are interested in using SE Ranking as an SEO analytic tool for your website.


SERanking Pricing


10. KWFinder

Another affordable analytical tool that you can use for your website is KWFinder. With this, you can find long tail keywords that you add to your content and compare your website’s performance with your competitors’. 


Here is an overview of the KW Finder dashboard. 


KWFinder Dashboard


Here is the pricing that KWFinder offers for each plan if you are interested in using it as your analytics tool.


KWFinder Pricing




By using an SEO analytic tool for your website, you can quickly check and monitor your website’s performance and implement better SEO strategies to attract more customers and gain more traffic. If the cost of using these essential analytical tools is too expensive for individual businesses to pay, they can engage with agencies that already have a subscription to these tools. Engaging digital marketing agencies will come together with analytics tools and performance reports of your digital marketing campaigns.  


For more tools you need and use for your business’s website, check out our blog page, as we have shared tons before and more in years to come. You can also leave a message on our website or contact OOm at +65 6690 4049, and someone from our SEO team will get in touch with you right away.

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