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Search engines may often update their algorithm, but there are still things in search engine optimisation (SEO) that remain important for years. One of them is keyword search volume.


Keyword search volume is a key metric to know the search volume in SEO and is frequently used for keyword research. However, many people still have a poor understanding of keyword search volume and its importance, thus they fail to incorporate it into their SEO strategy.


We have outlined the information you need to know about keyword search volume to dispel common misconceptions and learn the importance of keyword search volume for SEO.



What Is Keyword Search Volume?


Keyword search volume refers to the number of searches the keywords were used in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo for a specific time frame and place. 


A specific time frame is a date range that SEO vendors use to indicate and know the keyword traffic volume flow. . An SEO expert often considers the keyword volume for seasonal events to forecast the traffic a website will draw from each keyword.

Below is an example of keyword search volume.


Example Of Keyword Seasonality


The Google Trends user shown above compares the keyword search volume for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the last 90 days. The result of search volume can help produce more relevant SEO campaigns for a particular target audience.



Why Is Keyword Search Volume Important?


Keyword search volume is important in SEO since it lets anyone know the number of searches for particular words or phrases that people are searching for online. They are search trends and can show the potential numbers of traffic they can generate if a proper SEO strategy has been executed, which will help increase a web page’s ranking until it reaches page 1. 


SEO vendors and other SEO professionals consider keyword traffic volume so they can create more engaging and relevant campaigns. These campaigns contain search trends keywords that help attract traffic, gain leads, and earn conversions. 


The more people can find, read, and share the content, the more efficient the rest of your SEO strategies will be, and your web pages will rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).


In summary, keyword search volume is important for SEO because it helps you: 


  • List down the priority of the content topics.
  • Determine the search trend of a particular keyword.
  • Weigh the traffic potential of each keyword. 



How To Look At Keyword Search Volume 


You can generate  keyword search volume data for your SEO strategy by using various keyword search tools.


Below are some keyword search tools you can use to get the keyword search volume. 


1. Google Keyword Planner


Most SEO vendors use this keyword tool to get the keyword search volume because you can also link your keywords from your Google Ads campaigns.


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Before you use Google Ads Keyword Planner for your keyword search volume, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 


  • Not all keywords get reported since this tool is deliberately for researching and assessing  Google Ads-related keywords
  • You need to create a Google Ads account first before you can use this keyword research tool
  • Data results are most likely estimated or aggregated 
  • There is a time lag in the data result, so it is not fit for newer keywords


Sample Of Google Keyword Planner From Backlinko


Sample of Google Keyword Planner from Backlinko


2. Google Trends


Unlike Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends is a keyword research tool that allows you to use it without creating a google account. You only need to type the keyword you want to know, and Google Trends will generate results through a line chart. 


If you want to learn the keyword traffic volume for more than one keyword, click on the plus (+) sign. Google Trends has a feature that segregates the results by colours like the ones below. The blue represents a furniture shop, the red refers to a sofa bed, and the yellow is for the shoe cabinet. 


Example Of Google Trends


3. Ahrefs


Another popular keyword tool that every SEO consultant in Singapore uses is Ahrefs. They have a free version that lets anyone know the search volume to create better SEO campaigns. 


After typing the keyword that you want to know about traffic volume, a summarised chart will pop up with four columns: keywords, keyword difficulty, volume, and updated (the last date checked). 


This keyword tool also has a premium version with more features like competitors’ analysis. With more data, you can further optimise your SEO campaign. 


Example Of Ahrefs


4. Semrush


Semrush is another keyword research  tool that you can use to get the keyword search volume.It offers SEO vendors and marketers rich and valuable data, and it is free to use but only with limited functionality. 


You can purchase a premium edition of this keyword tool for more useful data. It provides more sophisticated tools that can support your SEO campaigns, such as competitor analysis.



SEO SEMRush For Keyword Search Volume


Retrieved this screenshot from Semrush’s keyword tool overview.


As you can see on this image, you can view the keyword search volume data at a glance, whether per local or global reach. Just make sure to use the right data to get the more accurate results. 


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What Is A Good Keyword Search Volume?


It depends since the term ‘good’ in keyword search volume varies depending on the industry your business is in Singapore. But ideally, a good keyword search volume should have 100 to 1,000 searches per month.


Search range of a good keyword search volume


Reminder: Opting for keywords with over a hundred thousand to millions of keyword traffic volume is not wise due to their keyword difficulty. Choosing this option is only applicable to businesses that generate thousands of website visitors.



Is Keyword Search Volume Data Reliable?

Most data results of keyword search volume are most likely an estimation. That means they are not exactly the right number of search inquiries that the keywords have in real-time. Using the estimated data results, however, are still valuable since most people are searching for those keywords online. 


If you want your customers to relate to your content, get the keyword search volume data and include it in your SEO strategy.



Final Remarks


To summarise, keyword search volume has been with us for a long time. Effective keyword research and successful SEO campaigns would be incomplete without keyword search volume.


Start considering the keyword search volume to improve your SEO campaigns in years to come. Doing so should help increase the relevance of your content. 


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