When it comes to shopping, whether in person or online, consumers are always looking forward to two festive days that come once a year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Singapore. These two commercial holidays started in the United States, but they are becoming an international phenomenon since several countries also celebrate them. 


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge deals for Singapore consumers since they are the time of the year when they splurge on their shopping list right before the holiday seasons at the end of the year. However, consumers are not the only ones who should be excited about these two back-to-back joyous festivities.


The two shopping holidays started as a marketing craze to encourage people to shop and spend money on big sales or discounts. Consumers may benefit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but businesses also have an advantage since they can promote their products and boost sales in an instant.


However, businesses still have to create an effective marketing strategy for the two shopping holidays to boost sales and attract new customers. Now is the perfect time to launch an e-commerce SEO campaign to promote products, offer rewards, and earn trust. A solid e-commerce strategy plan can also make a difference in the campaign.


To help you take advantage of Singapore Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, here are some e-commerce marketing strategies to apply this year. 



The Best 10 E-commerce Marketing Strategies


10 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies


1. Implement A Retargeting Strategy


Customers could be interacting with your brand at different stages of the customer journey. You might gain many new customers, but that does not mean all of them will make a purchase. Some people think twice and fail to buy a product for many reasons. 


For instance, a customer may think your products are still expensive, while others could find your payment methods lacking due to inadequate convenient options. Either way, you could try convincing your customers to return and buy your products once more by implementing a retargeting strategy, 


Retargeting allows you to follow customers who have lost interest in your products. It works by sending ads on social media or other external websites that are related to your niche. Doing so should nudge them to think twice about purchasing from your e-commerce store in Singapore. 


That is why retargeting strategy is perfect for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in Singapore since consumers often come and go out of your e-commerce store. Also, applying this is a great way to double the amount of traffic directed to your website. As such, your e-commerce SEO would become more efficient in boosting your search engine rankings. 


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2. Promote Your Products Early On


The simplest way to attract more customers is by promoting your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Singapore deals ahead of time. As early as now, people are starting to scout for the best finds, so you could do the same, too. Start early on to promote your products, so you convert more leads into customers.


For starters, you can start an e-commerce SEO campaign and promote your deals on social media such as Facebook or Instagram. Try posting ads on those platforms to grab attention and let your followers know that you are handing out products at crazily affordable prices!


Another excellent way to promote your products is by setting up an email marketing campaign. You can send emails to subscribers and let them know about your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. 


Try to send emails at least once a week until the shopping holidays arrive so you can get ahead of your competition and attract more customers. This weekly reminder of your deals allows your customers to visit your e-commerce store from time to time. 


Black Friday And Cyber Monday Preparation And Promotion


3. Create A High-Quality Landing Page


Most consumers begin searching for Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals in Singapore days or weeks before the shopping holidays arrive. Since they start their search early on, you should also do the same thing. 


Launch an e-commerce SEO campaign early on and attract as many customers as you can. To guarantee to convert potential customers into buyers, create a high-quality landing page to entice and engage them even more. Besides the Black Friday and Cyber Monday SEO strategies, pay attention to web design as well.


Web design is also a crucial part of the Black Friday e-commerce strategy. Your landing page will serve as a welcome message for first-time visitors, so improve your e-commerce store’s web design. Combined with e-commerce SEO practices, including a high-quality landing page on your website is a sure-fire way to improve your search engine rankings. 


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Just make sure to include quality content that provides visitors with enough information about your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Consider adding how your potential customers could access your promotions and until when they could get them.


4. Launch A Flash Sale


Since Cyber Monday and Black Friday in Singapore are back-to-back joyous festivities, you should consider getting the most out of them by generating hype and excitement for your consumers. The best way to do this is by launching flash sales. 


A flash sale is an excellent e-commerce marketing strategy for increasing conversion rates and boosting sales. When you launch one, your customers will feel a sense of urgency to purchase due to the limited and affordable offers available. And that is how flash sales can increase the traffic to your website, therefore improving your search engine rankings.


5. Fix Website Performance In Advance


The performance of your e-commerce website can make or break your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Since these two are the most awaited shopping holiday every year, expect more people to visit your website than usual. 


Keep in mind that the more visitors your e-commerce website has, the slower it gets. And when customers experience that while browsing through your products, chances are they would leave right away.


To prevent that, conduct an e-commerce website development as early as now to guarantee your customers would not have any problem with your Black Friday website performance when they shop in your store. 


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6. Ensure a Fast and Efficient Checkout Process


The efforts and expenses you put into driving traffic to your website will be in vain if the checkout process of your e-commerce website has a slow, faulty, and inefficient checkout process.


Entrepreneurs must expect an influx of traffic and purchases on the website, especially with a successful e-business strategy and e-commerce SEO campaign during Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales in Singapore. If shoppers can’t checkout their items efficiently, it may prompt them to abandon their cart.


The key is to test your checkout process before the expected influx of shoppers. Simplify the process by reducing on-site barriers and allowing a one-click buying feature. It is also advantageous to have multiple payment options and to be able to store the consumer’s information on their preferred payment option.


Order Confirmation Message


7. Have a Mobile-Friendly Site


Mobile devices to generate 72% of all global retail e-commerce in 2021


According to Statista, more or less 72% of all retail e-commerce in the world in 2021 was generated using mobile devices. In the same year, Shopify recorded that 71% of Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases were made using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.


It is essential for brands to invest in mobile-friendly e-commerce web development with these numbers. Small screens, tiny links, complicated checkout and payment processes, and security issues are among the factors hindering the growth of mobile-first economies. These are things brands must consider when establishing their mobile-friendly websites.


8. Utilise Influencer Marketing


Besides rolling out your e-commerce SEO campaigns on multiple platforms, influencer marketing is also an effective Cyber Monday and Black Friday e-commerce strategy.


According to a study, Millennials and young Gen Z in the US purchase products promoted by influencers more than people aged between 35 to 54.


Brands with Millennials and Gen Z as their target audience can benefit from influencer marketing. It would be advantageous if collaborations between the brand and influencers would appear on different social media platforms, such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday season.


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9. Ramp Up Your Customer Loyalty And Rewards Program


Ramp Up Your Customer Loyalty And Rewards Program


Brands can further foster their relationship with loyal and new customers through customer loyalty and rewards programmes. Giving them surprise rewards, discounts, and bonuses not only persuades them to buy more items during Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales in Singapore to earn more points and freebies but also restores their loyalty.


Brands can reach out to loyal clients through more personalised emails and SMS. Brands can send their appreciation and ‘Thank You’ messages as well as their rewards information and promotion.


10. Prepare Your Customer Support


It is inevitable for shopping issues to arise during and after Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals in Singapore with the sudden influx of traffic volume on the website. Instead of responding to each complaint one by one, it is advantageous to invest in chatbots or create Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages on your website.


Frequently Asked Question sections on the website enable the brand to answer and deal with the customer’s common questions about the brand, services, and products quickly. Besides providing valuable information, brands can utilise FAQ pages for search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies. You can optimise the FAQ page with informative, complete, and concise answers to the common questions, using the appropriate title tags and meta descriptions, including relevant keywords, and utilising interlinking. These SEO tricks can help your web page to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP).


Similar to FAQ pages, chatbots can address basic inquiries from consumers, allowing your customer support team to focus on more complex issues. Besides answering inquiries, chatbots can direct the consumers to the product they are looking for, recommend related products, and more, all happening in real time.


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Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in Singapore are the perfect time of the year when both customers and sellers benefit from one another. That is why you must take advantage of these joyous festivities by offering crazy deals and discounts to reach out to more customers, boost sales, and expand the online presence of your e-commerce shop in Singapore!


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