Black Friday is the most intense time of year when it comes to shopping. Expect to see a lot of shoppers running towards the craziest sales and discounts to get their hands on some cheap best-selling products.


It is also the time of the year when small businesses and large enterprises alike can take advantage of the Black Friday craze by doing some in-depth research and efficient marketing. Know how to promote your business for Black Friday so you can benefit from hundreds of new customers and boost your SEO rankings!!


However, just Black Friday is right around the corner, doesn’t mean it is a guarantee that your customer base will increase immediately. You still have to come up with creative ways to utilise Black Friday as a part of your SEO services.


Fortunately, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to help your business grow and gain traction in an instant. What you need to do is adopt Black Friday-related ideas and incorporate them into your digital marketing campaign.



The Benefits Of Black Friday Marketing

Black Friday benefits both consumers and retailers. Customers can purchase crazily affordable products, while retailers can boost sales and gain tons of customers.


Because of the large number of best-selling products for sale, people are ready to go crazy for Black Friday! As for the seller, the goal is to capitalise on the situation by promoting your products ahead of time.


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How can your business benefit from Black Friday anyway?


  • Establish your credibility
  • Earn trust and loyalty
  • Gain new customers
  • Boost sales


No doubt that the Black Friday bonanza is something you should consider every year. But what does it take to make a successful digital marketing campaign for Black Friday? Let’s take a look at some of the most creative Black Friday ads in 2022, so you can have an idea for your next marketing campaign.



4 Most Creative Black Friday Ads For 2022


1. Best Buy

Best buy most creative black Friday Ads for 2020


Huge sales and deals are the main reason why thousands of shoppers are excited about Black Friday. Cater your business to customers who are looking for the most affordable products available! Try doing what Best Buy did, and extend your sale to encourage more customers to buy your products.


Best Buy’s Black Friday ad is not as creative as the other ones on the list, but its simplicity and potential to boost sales are what make it valuable. Perhaps you can do the same by extending the duration of your sales, starting from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, so your customers have enough time to purchase your high-quality products.


2. Patagonia


Link to the Tweet


Mother Nature is in peril, and it will continue to remain so if we do not do something about it. Fortunately, Patagonia had the bright idea of donating most of its Black Friday profits to grassroots environmental groups.


One thing you can learn from this ad is that it is always the perfect time to raise awareness about particular issues, especially those concerning the environment. Apart from that, you can even build your reputation and let your audience know that you care about our planet Earth. In doing so, you can earn your customers’ trust and respect.


3. Verizon


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Seven years have passed since Verizon released their commercial about Black Friday and Christmas. After all, Black Friday and Christmas are just one month apart from each other. It would be a wasted opportunity to not combine Black Friday and Christmas in one creative digital marketing campaign.


Verizon’s short commercial showcases Santa dropping from above to visit a Black Friday event. Even Santa wants to join the Black Friday craze! A short but sweet ad such as the one mentioned is a great example of hitting two birds with one stone. Try doing the same for your business by promoting both Black Friday and Christmas in one fell swoop!




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Similar to Patagonia, Kotn did something unorthodox when it came to marketing for Black Friday. Instead of focusing on Black Friday itself, Kotn wanted to raise awareness by donating its profits (from Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales) to build primary schools in Egypt.


It’s a heartfelt decision from the people at Kotn since the cotton they use for their products come from Egypt. While Kotn did not offer any crazy sales or deals, the idea that the money will go to charity is what attracts more customers, especially millennials, to make a purchase.




Boosting your sales with SEO is the best way to succeed this coming Black Friday. If you need help, consider working with an SEO agency in Singapore to come up with more efficient marketing strategies!


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