How To Optimise Your Landing Page?

In every marketer’s toolbox is a landing page—one of the most effective marketing strategies available. Unlike your usual web page, the sole purpose of creating a landing page is to connect with users and market your brand. 


Your landing page will serve as a bridge between you and potential customers who might be interested in your business. It’s the first step towards success, but to achieve this, you need to understand how a landing page works. More importantly, you should learn how to optimise your landing page for search engine optimisation (SEO), so it can perform more efficiently.



Landing Page: How Should It Work?


Remember: your goal is to build a page that will attract potential customers and increase your conversion rate. Doing so isn’t going to be easy, which is why you should create a plan first. 

When building a landing page, here are some of the factors that you should consider:


1. Catchy Headline

You’ll need to create a catchy headline to grab your audience’s attention. Whether you’ll do so through a humorous or professional voice is up to you. Either way, just make sure your headline is catchy.


2. Clear And Concise CTA 

Another factor you should focus on is your call to action (CTA). Creating a clear and concise CTA will help you establish authority and presence. Be creative and use your imagination to appeal to your audience by using meaningful phrases.


3. Clean Layout

A clean and comprehensive layout is key to a successful landing page. The objective is to convert readers into customers, but doing so requires you to make short yet meaningful messages that will catch their attention in the first place. Make sure your landing page is free from distractions and clutter so readers will have a convenient time exploring your landing page.


If you’re not following these mentioned guidelines, there’s a chance that your landing page may not perform as well as expected. But if your landing page is already doing great, then perhaps all it needs is a little revamp. In that case, optimise your landing page to improve its SEO performance.



Tips For Optimising Your Landing Page


1. Go Straight To The Point

The best landing pages are clean, simple, and straight to the point. As mentioned earlier, a clean layout leads to success, but that also applies to your content and CTA. 


More often than not, your readers won’t stick around your landing page if you’re not getting your message clear. That’s why you should make sure your content is straight to the point. Think about your prospects and how your content will spark their emotions. Hopefully, you’ll do so in a positive way, but the good thing is that keeping your message short and simple is the perfect strategy.


For example, take a look at this landing page. It’s neat, precise, and straightforward.


2. Focus On The Message

Creating a straightforward message is just the first step. Now you’ll have to focus on how you’ll address the message itself. 


Make sure your message and CTA is the focus of your landing page. For instance, use a bold typeface and keep the space free from clutter. Most importantly, place your content on the centre or top of your landing page. Doing so should make sure you’ll get your point across the reader.


3. Incorporate Keywords

If there’s one strategy that will help your guide your visitors down your sales funnel, then keyword usage is your best choice. Keywords are a necessary part of SEO and SEM that you can use to your advantage.First, you need to find out the keywords that are suitable for your website. Know which keywords you’ll be targeting so your landing page can reach your audience more efficiently. For example, if you’re managing an online toy store, you keywords include:


  • Toy store online Singapore
  • Online store toys
  • Online toy store for boys
  • Toy store boys and girls


Second, once you’ve researched the necessary keywords, incorporate them into your landing page. Use these keywords in your content and make them sound natural or organic as if you’re speaking to the readers themselves. Doing so should increase your landing page’s SEO rankings.


4. Use Quality Images

While text ads will be the focal point of your landing page, remember to utilise quality images as well. Visually pleasing pictures can instantly catch the viewer’s eyes, which is why you should choose the perfect images for your landing page.


However, you should also optimise your images for SEO. Poorly optimised images will result in negative SEO, affecting your landing page in the process. So resize your images and make sure they’re relevant to your landing page. 




Creating a landing page is essential for your website. Devise a creative CTA and get your message directly to your prospective clients so you can increase your chances of gaining traction.


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