The Myths And Truths About Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Marketing your brand is like playing poker; you need to play with the hand you’re dealt with, and luckily come with a conclusion that will give you the most money. But what if you can take out a wild card to win the game in an instant? Here is when pay-per-click (PPC) marketing comes into […]

How To Market Your Eye Clinic In Singapore?

The smouldering heat in Singapore is the reason why many people take comfort in air-conditioned homes and establishments. On the downside, it’s also why most of us in the country are prone to eye allergies. And who can take care of such problems? Eye care clinics, of course! With humid weather almost all year round, […]

How To Market Your Plastic Surgery Clinic In Singapore?

In a previous blog post, we discussed the difficulties of marketing gynaecology clinics. You could say that marketing private medical institutions—your plastic surgery clinic included—requires long-term research and planning. Don’t worry, though. With the right digital marketing tools, you can make sure your clinic will get enough exposure in search engines like Google! Not to […]

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