Searcher Intent Optimization

It is really no longer a very surprising thing that everything today that’s connected towards technology is heavily focused on what the people’s intent are. This trend is everywhere, even in films where A.I. is depicted as characters that aid their creators. Cars were invented in order to help humans in their intentions of travelling […]

Look Who’s Talking: Verdel Manzano

Everyone has their own story to tell. Such is the case for OOm’s silent yet comedic Web Application Developer, Verdel Manzano. Take a deeper look into our resident quiet man and learn more about his personal life and perspective of OOm’s work ethics. What is your role in OOm? I am one of internal systems […]

Google +: The Silent Hill Of Social Media

Fans of horror games and movies will be all too familiar with the fictional ghost town of “Silent hill”. It is, perhaps, one of the biggest and most popular survival horror games in the market and spans a large following across generations. Like the fictional city of Silent Hill, Google + also share the same […]

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