8 SEM Trends In Singapore To Look Out For In 2023

8 SEM Trends In Singapore To Look Out For In 2023

If you are planning to ramp you your SEM campaign in Singapore in 2023, here are the search engine marketing trends to watch out for: voice search, artificial intelligence, mobile-first, video advertising, visual search, automation, non-Google search engine marketing strategies, and competitive shopping ads.

AIDA Model: How To Apply It To Your Business?

AIDA Model For Digital Marketing

A good advertisement is capable of stimulating interest and persuading consumers. To create such a successful ad, you can rely on the AIDA model, which breaks down the customer journey into four distinct parts. By utilising the AIDA model, you can understand your customers better and produce the best type of advertisement just for them.  […]

Digital Marketing: Why Is It Essential For Brand Building and Awareness?

No other tool is perfect for gaining exposure other than the Internet. By promoting your business online, you can raise brand awareness over time and attract customers. Plus, you have a wide range of digital marketing platforms, from websites and emails, down to social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.   When it comes to […]

5 Examples Of Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns

Five Examples of Viral Marketing Digital Marketing Singapore

One successful digital marketing campaign in Singapore is all you need to grow your business quickly. The amount of web traffic you can gain through viral marketing could leave a phenomenal impact on your business.   The key to making an effective digital marketing campaign is to create viral content. By producing viral content that […]

3 Ways Digital Marketers Can Use Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning

Words like “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” are somewhat of a niche in the digital marketing industry decades ago. But today, they are some of the marketing industry’s most impactful game-changers in recent years.   The future of marketing is digital, as evident in the use of electronic media for reaching consumers. Thanks to machine […]