What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Media?

Gone are the days where we have to rely on newspapers, magazines, and commercials to catch the latest ads from our favourite brands. Digital marketing has been steadily been on the rise since its emergence, and maybe it’s for the better.   Back then when print media advertising was all the rage, connecting with consumers […]

The Marketing Success of Netflix

It’s not new that a brand name has become a a general term like Google, Onesies, Bubble Wrap, Kleenex, and a whole lot more. This norm has been happening ever since advertising has reached a relevant number of target market. But in this age where competition is tight due to the advancement in technology and […]

The effect of political correctness in digital marketing and advertising

Imagine if you have finally squeezed a creative concept for your next online marketing campaign, but you are advised not to push through with it because a certain group of people is offended by a certain part of the campaign. It’s kind of… annoying, especially if you did not really mean to offend anybody, right? […]

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