Online Marketing: Why go for an SEM campaign?

Have you been actively monitoring your site’s ranking performance and have constantly improving your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy but it still doesn’t pay off? How many times have you Googled your targeted keywords and still cannot find your company on the first page of Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)? With the rampant SEO updates […]

Relationship Goals: How The Rules Of Dating Work In Digital Marketing

Like “don’t be late for dates” or “honesty is still the best policy,” common dating rules serve as a guide for better communication between two people who are looking to get into a relationship. But these dating rules don’t only apply to dating: it can easily be applied to digital marketing as well. With the […]

Exploring The Deep Abyss: A Study of the Haunted Parts of The Internet

I’ve once said on one of my Instagram posts, that the “..internet is full of wonders.”  This is in some sense, a light description of what the internet really has. It is a deep sea, rich in information collected through years and years of indexing contributed by a myriad of different studies from millions of people […]