Content and Landing Pages for SEO

There are a lot of variables that play a specific role in the whole equation for SEO. Yet most of the easily forgotten ones are the most important ones. Actually having content and a landing page is so important these days. If you don’t have these two, you better have a really good traction and […]

The Balance between SEO and Great Content

Over specializing or concentrating only on one portion of a digital optimization approach is one of the easiest ways to sabotage the route of your campaign. Search engine optimisation is not made up of only one thing. This marketing process involves a few more variables in order for it to run correctly. Technical SEO and […]

Why SEO is Content’s Queen?

The term “content is king” has been around so long that it should be on shirts and caps now. It’s been in existence for so long in fact, that it might even surpass humanity even after the sun swallows our planet just a few thousand years from now. But just like Adam, this anthropomorphized term […]