6 Blog Content Ideas That Generate Traffic To Your Website

It is easy to hit the publish button and share articles online, but coming up with blog ideas is a different story. When you write a blog post every day, you eventually run out of ideas about what your next content marketing campaign will be.


Every business owner experiences this kind of frustration since without blog posts to share, how would readers visit their website and explore it? 


A study shows that those who post blogs have 55% more visitors than those who don’t. Hence, when a brand suddenly stops posting, there will be a decrease in traffic coming to their website and less engagement with your target audience.


Of course, you would not want that, nor are we. That is why we compiled blog ideas, so you know what you should write and share next to your readers. As such, you would continue attracting them with your digital content creation and read more to your website.


The following are the proven topics that will get you more leads and traffic. 

6 Blog Ideas That Generate Traffic to Your Website

1. Your New Employees

Humans are curious by nature. As a fellow human, there are certain things you want to know more before trying something new in your life, right? The same is true for your target audience.


For example, before hiring you as their digital agency, they would most likely be curious about the people working behind the scene. Knowing who they are and what they can do for their business would help ease their mind. As such, they would be more convinced to rely on your services. 


Here is a good example of how you should introduce a new member of your team.


Your New Employees


OOm often post “Look Who’s Talking” articles to discuss a few things about their new employees. 


2. Local Events / Holidays

Regardless of our differences, we cannot deny how much we love holidays and events. The mere thought there is an upcoming local event does bring a smile to many people’s faces. 


Of course, your target audiences are no exception. As much as they want to rest at home, they also want to connect with others and meet new people. Therefore, if there is a local event that is going to happen, entice your target audience by posting an article or digital content creation about it. 


Here is an example from Presto Drycleaners on how you should write about the coming event while subtly promoting your product or service.


Local Events Holidays


3. Success / Failure Stories

Since the beginning of time, people have loved to hear stories. Whether it has a happy or sad ending, they will become interested in reading it until the end. That is why it is a perfect content marketing campaign if you want your target audience to click on what you posted and lead them to your website to learn more about the story. 


Take a look at how Esquire Singapore did it.


Success Failure Stories


4. Terminology Dictionary

You cannot attract people to support or purchase your brand if they know nothing about your industry, which is why you should try to educate them. Consider using the opportunity to discuss the expressions, phrases, slang or idioms that you often use by writing a terminology dictionary about your niche.


Check out how Carro shares the terminology that car experts use with customers that is related to their industry.

Terminology Dictionary


5. Share Fun Facts

Just like you, your target audience also loves to hear some trivia, especially if it is something related to their interest. That is why try to share some fun facts or mysteries with your readers. Doing so should help you connect and engage with them more. 


Make sure when you do this type of article, make your content marketing campaign more memorable and impressive by adding some photos on every fact or mystery you want to discuss.


6. Comparisons

Another way to drive and generate traffic to your website is to create a comparison article about something. You should know that comparing two things or more helps people weigh the pros and cons of that topic and help them make the right decision. 


Here is an example of what a comparison article looks like.




As you can see here, the comparison article is about whether the reader should self learn search engine optimization or hire an SEO company instead. At the end of the article, they will know which one is better between the two. 


In other words, this blog idea will not only intrigue the curiosity of your target audience but also help them decide on the thoughts they have been thinking about for a long time.

Your Takeaway!

Posting content marketing campaigns for your business in Singapore is a great way to attract your target audience and let them learn more about your product or service. 


Think of this approach as hitting two birds with one stone. To learn more about what they are reading, readers have to go to your website to read the whole article, which helps you generate traffic and possibly turn them into paying customers. 


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