The Top 5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Before the word “digital marketing” existed and was used, businesses raised their brand awareness through newspapers and magazines to promote their products and services on paper. This practice is called content marketing that has been around for years, and it was only around 1996 when the phrase “content marketing” was born.


And now, content marketing plays a key role in the digital age. The only difference is that all content is published online, and businesses have to craft the piece and publish it on their platform—website. 


The problem, however, is that producing quality and engaging content is easier said than done. If you are not a writer yourself and are new to content marketing, chances are you already have made a few mistakes. 


To guarantee none of those would happen again, take note of these common content marketing mistakes. Resolve any of the scenarios that may seem similar to you. Doing so should help your campaign run more smoothly. 

5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes That You Must Avoid


Avoid These Common Content Marketing Mistakes At All Costs


1. Producing Content That Is Not Reusable.

Time flies fast. In a blink of an eye, a popular trend today might become old news tomorrow. It means your content marketing campaign would be a dud piece after a few days or so, and that is the downside of writing about a specific topic. 


To prevent that, you should produce evergreen content. Evergreen content is something that will always remain interesting and relevant to the readers. By doing so, you can reuse that content again and save yourself from brainstorming for a new campaign to post and share. 


Make sure when you reuse an article piece, tweak it a bit and add updates about its topic. 


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2. Forgetting to Proofread.

When you are on a blind date, you try to impress whoever the person arrives by making sure you look presentable as much as possible.


The same goes for a content marketing campaign. If you have an eye for grammar and spelling, it would be a huge turnoff seeing mixed up words, such as there and their. 


That is why proofreading your work is a must. If you let grammatical errors slip away, your content would look unprofessional to the readers. It would also leave a poor impression on your business. 


Just in case proofreading is not your cup of tea, consider using a spell checker like Grammarly. This tool will become another set of eyes to check for misspelt words, misused apostrophes, and other more grammar mistakes. Or you could also hire a content marketing agency to have someone write content and proofread your work. 


3. Skipping the Visuals.

In content marketing, words are not the only way to communicate. 49.1% of experts in the digital marketing industry agree that articles with visuals help produce a considerable amount of traffic


You should know that adding visuals would make your blog post easier to read and digest. Readers would be able to recall it better, and also images can help them find your content via an image search on Google. 


Therefore, try adding digital content creation to your blog post from time to time. It is an infographic that will help showcase the summary or a bit of detail about your content marketing campaign through images and vectors. They would make your campaign more interesting and engaging to the viewers. 


Also, to help the readers, embrace the tips below.


  • Keep the sentence short, brief, but descriptive.
  • Use bullets to list information.
  • Headings and subheadings to convey the level of importance. 


4. Not Promoting Well Enough.

Another reason why your content marketing campaign does not make any traffic and lead is due to lack of promotion. Remember that no one would know about your blog if you do not let others know about it. 


When it comes to promoting your content online, you have a lot of options. And using them properly at the right time would help expand your reach and customer base. Here, follow these ways to guarantee many will see your campaign. 


  • Optimise content for SEO.
  • Post and share it on social media platforms  (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Write guest posts and publish them on other websites.
  • Use relevant hashtags.


5. Your Website Is Not Optimised for Mobile.

Lastly, if your website is not optimised for mobile devices, 6.378 billion smartphone users will not be able to see your content. And even if they found them on their search, the text would not be that visible since it is on desktop mode.


To prevent that, consider optimising your website for smartphone users so they will also be able to read and take action once they have seen your content marketing campaign. 


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Making mistakes is a normal part of human nature, but remember not to make the same mistakes twice. Keep these content marketing mistakes in mind so you can avoid them. 


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