Content Marketing In 2021: Factors To Consider

Quality content has always been a vital factor in digital marketing. It will forever be the heart of marketing, even with the addition of the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) trends. 


Digital marketing is about connecting with a specified target market using any form of digital communication. Thus, the purpose of publishing content boils down to your audience. 


The audience should always be your focus since they are the ones that help your business grow further. That is why your digital content creation must be about them.


The wants and needs of average consumers also change. And while content is still an essential element of digital marketing strategy, you need to make some adjustments. 

No worries, nothing much has changed—just a few slight tweaks here and there. With that said, here are some new factors to consider when it comes to content marketing in 2021.

5 Factors To Consider in Content Marketing

1. Know Your Target Audience

Know Your Target Audience


To be a good storyteller, you need to identify and understand your target audience. You should know that they are the key or main component of any marketing campaign, including digital content creation. 


And with our current situation, knowing who they are becoming is even more vital this 2021. As more and more businesses move online and adapt to digital platforms, the competition becomes fiercer. It is getting increasingly more difficult for brands to reach out to the right audience.


To write for the right audience, you need to use targeted keywords related to your products or services.These keywords are phrases or sentences that your audience is seeking online.


For example, if your business is a gym, you will likely use  keywords health, body, or fitness, depending since most of your target audience are fitness enthusiasts, 


You must research your target audience and identify their needs. To do so, you could use Google Analytics to identify who they are or conduct surveys or communicate with your followers on social media.


Whatever works for you, make sure you do your best to learn more about your target audience.


2. Grasps Basic English

Grasps Basic English


Every writer should be adept at writing in the English language. It is probably the first essential skill you should have in the marketing industry since English is the global language of business. 


But not all writers understand basic grammar and sentence construction. That is why when they write something and put their thoughts into paper—the content suffers along with their poor English skills.


Nowadays, it is almost a crime to be inarticulate in English. Even if you are not a native speaker of the English language, it should be easy for you to detect errors while reading.


When it comes to content marketing, you do not have to be an expert or academic. All you need is basic knowledge of grammar and sentence construction. 


Of course, you would still make a few mistakes, but that is a part of writing. Learn from your mistakes in writing, and you will progress naturally and become a natural storyteller in English. 

To make sure you would grasp the English language, try reading The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. Doing so should help you correct your flaws and increase the quality of your content marketing campaign in Singapore.


3. Marketing Skills

Besides grasping the basics of the English language, your digital content creation will yield results if you are knowledgeable in marketing.


When we talk about marketing, it is about how you promote your product or service without sounding too promotional to the target audience. No, you do not have to be a marketing expert, but the basic knowledge in such a field can considerably improve your skills in content writing.


To understand the basics of marketing, you should create a strong relationship with your target audience and lean on the SEO demographics you have gathered. Doing so should give you an edge over your competitors.


4. The Ability To Write When Needed

The Ability To Write When Needed


Are you familiar with writer’s block? If not, you should know that it is a condition where the writer cannot put their thoughts into words, and such a case happens due to mental interference. 


This experience is different for everyone. Some writers go through this phrase for short bursts, while others could have it for days. Even though this is usually normal for those with a writing profession, experiencing it can be a major flaw in the digital marketing industry.


Since digital platforms run 24/7, writers must keep up with the pace. Having writer’s block can be a flaw, especially if it is happening all too often. That is why a content marketing agency has several writers by their sides so they would be able to produce one campaigner after another.


Nevertheless, content writers should write whenever needed, no matter the circumstances. In a rigorous competition, writers must churn out quality content to stay in touch with the readers.


5. Facts Are Everything

There is a difference between expressing an opinion and a fact. 


Nowadays, the two seem interchangeable. Even if your opinion might be correct and many strongly agree with your viewpoint, it is important to lay it out as a fact by citing credible sources.


When publishing digital content creation on whatever subject, it is best to cite references with supporting facts. At least mention references that support your content and the message you want to deliver.


Remember, it is easy to convey your opinion as a fact, but it is even better to support it with credible content. Doing so should make your readers believe what you say is the truth. 


That is why properly cite facts, data, and statistics—basically anything that will support your content to make it more credible and reliable.


Here is a good example from a report from Yahoo News.


Facts Are Everything


As you can see, the article mentioned the Ministry of Health as the source of the COVID-19 cases. With this strategy, the people who will read this article would believe the numbers given are genuinely accurate.


The task of a content marketer is to have basic knowledge of everything related to digital marketing. You do not have to be an expert, but you have to be at least aware of the basics.


Studying digital marketing, researching the target audience, and knowing the difference between SEO and SEM are just some of the ways you can improve your content marketing strategies. It is up to the writer’s technical and creative skills that will make or break the success of the brand’s content.


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