The Real Score: What You Need To Know More About An SEO Company – The Myths, The Facts & The Stereotypes

The SEO company industry as we now know today because of its prominence, has its fair share of rumored myths and misconceptions that needs to be brought to light. In the 21st century, many things changed over the course of the millennium years. From science down to the social norms and taboos. The way we spend […]

Red Flags of a Black Hat SEO

You may have heard of the infamous black hat SEO. Hearing about it now sounds like an urban legend that has eerily been practised by many before. Actually, black hat SEO is not an urban legend, no matter how less prevalent they may seem today. Some SEO companies may even practise it to this day, […]

6 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Beauty is subjective, and it’s certainly apparent with products of art such as paintings, music, and books. Nonetheless, there’s still an aspect of objectivity when it comes to producing quality art. After all, “the devil is in the detail”.   When it comes to website designing, objectivity is a must. Similar to writing a book […]

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