Facebook Hashtagging: Does it matter?

Since the #hashtag became a popular tool on Twitter, almost all social media platforms have adopted the hashtag system. While not a new invention, Twitter most certainly popularised the use of hashtag as a filtering system to find specific topics in the ever-growing social media world. Thought the hashtag system, people were able to find […]

Spinbots VS Writers: Who Is Better?

Machines and computers are slowly taking over our daily work. And soon, we may no longer have jobs to apply to. While this may be true in the near future, there are jobs that machines simply can’t take over. Jobs that require manual labour, like construction and delivery, are easy for machines to do. But […]

May The 4th: Is It Worthy To Join The Dark Side Of SEO?

It’s time to let old things die. And in the case of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), this can be a really bad thing. Although I am an avid Kylo Ren fan, this phrase scares me when I try to relate this to the current situation of the SEO world today. I’ll set the dark tone […]

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