Google My Business: What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

Google houses some of the most effective marketing tools available, including Google Ads (Google AdWords). If you choose Google Ads as your online advertising platform, why not take it a step further by using Google My Business (GMB)? Many businesses are using Google My Business. In fact, GMB is becoming more prominent nowadays, thanks to […]

The BERT Update: What You Need To Know About Google’s Latest Algorithm

In November 2019, every SEO company, not only in Singapore but also around the world, welcomed Google’s new update that goes by the name of “BERT”—and no, it’s not the character from Sesame Street. Pictured Above: Sesame Street. The BERT update is Google’s most significant change in recent years. It stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations […]

“People Also Ask”: The Rise of Related Questions

Google and other search engines today have been evolving. As much as they can, they already give you everything they could. Especially with Google, they are now geared towards becoming the destination, rather than just the stopover. This means that with their top-notch algorithm, they are now looking into providing you with the results and […]

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