TikTok User Statistics Marketers Need To Know (2023)

TikTok continues to take the world by storm, capturing the attention of many social media users, public figures, and even social media marketing experts of almost every company


Many businesses from various industries have successfully integrated TikTok into their digital marketing strategy and used it to attract customers, generate sales, and increase conversion rates on this social media platform. 


Will TikTok, however, stay in trend and remain an excellent social media marketing tool for businesses in the future? Before going into the details about the facts on this social media platform, let us first recall when TikTok was made.



TikTok Statistics Marketers Need To Know (2023)


TikTok App Statistics


How Many Downloads Does TikTok Have?


Apart from the growing number of TikTok users, this social media platform has been downloaded more than 3 billion times on App Store and Google Play. This figure can increase further as more people use TikTok for personal and business purposes.


TikTok Cumulative Downloads 2017 To 2021


Data from this infographic came from BusinessOfApps.


How Many People Are on TikTok?


On September 27, 2021, TikTok announced it had reached 1 billion monthly active users. That makes TikTok one of the fastest-growing and most used social media platforms since its inception. 


1 billion people on TikTok


Retrieved this image from TikTok’s Newsroom.


Google Search Volume For ‘TikTok’


TikTok’s popularity extends beyond the number of its users, as seen by the sharp rise in its Google search volume over the past five years.


Google Search Volume For ‘TikTok’ For The Last Five Years


Source: Google Trends


Key User Statistics 




Creators are one of the key players that have been making TikTok popular, trending, and headlines back to back. Below are the current top 10 TikTok Users that have the most followers. 


Top 10 TikTok Users That Have The Most followers
Creators Followers Likes Post
Charli d’Amelio 141,200,000 10,900,000,000 2,211
Khabane lame 139,700,000 2,300,000,000 1,055
Bella Poarch 89,900,000 2,100,000,000 470
Addison Rae 87,700,000 5,700,000,000 1,683
Will Smith 72,200,000 488,800,000 136
Zach King 68,600,000 872,800,000 336
Kimberly Loaiza 63,400,000 3,800,000,000 1,923
TikTok 62,700,000 271,000,000 342
CZN Burak 58,800,000 1,100,000,000 1,870
Dixie 57,400,000 3,200,000,000 472
Top 10 TikTok Users That Have The Most followers



Age is not just a number for digital marketing experts because knowing the age of TikTok users help them create a more engaging campaign. Here are the current global TikTok users’ age distribution. 


Global TikTok User Age Distribution
Age Million Users Percentage (%)
18 to 24 386.6 43.7
25 to 34 282 31.9
35 to 44 115.5 13
45 to 54 57.1 6.4
55 and above 30.5 3.4
Global TikTok User Age Distribution



Here is the breakdown of female vs male users on TikTok.


Global TikTok User Gender Distribution



Many people from all over the world have started using TikTok. Shown below are the countries that have the most TikTok users.


Top 10 Countries That Have The Most TikTok Users
Country Active TikTok Users
USA 140.6 million
Indonesia 106.9 million
Brazil 74.0 million
Russia 56.3 million
Mexico 51.3 million
Vietnam 49.6 million
Philippines 42.7 million
Thailand 39.5 million
Türkiye 30.8 million
Saudi Arabia 25.2 million
Top 10 Countries That Have The Most TikTok Users


Data from this infographic came from DataPortal.


While other countries, such as Singapore (1.83 million), did not make the top countries with the most TikTok users, the number of TikTok users in the respective countries continues to increase as TikTok reigns popular. 


Singapore TikTok Users


Top TikTok Content Categories

Similar to watching movies and series, TikTok users watch TikTok clips based on their personal preferences. Below are the most popular content categories by the number of views.


Source: Statista



Global Tiktok Most Popular Content
Categories By The Number Of Views

533 billion
181 billion
79 billion
57 billion
Home Renovation/DIY
39 billion
39 billion
27 billion
18 billion
10 billion
10 billion

Source: Statista


TikTok vs Competitors

Time Spent


Global User Time Spent Using Social Media
Social Media Platform Hours/Month
TikTok 23.6
YouTube 23.2
Facebook 19.4
WhatsApp 17.5
Instagram 11.8
Line 10.9
Twitter 5.4
Telegram 3.9
Facebook Messenger 3.2
Snapchat 3.2
Global User Time Spent Using Social Media


Source: DataPortal


User Activities

Everyone loves to use social media, whether for personal or business use. Shown below are the reasons why people use a particular social media platform.  


Global User Activities By Social Media Platforms
Social Media Platforms Entertainment Content Search Brands And Products Update With the News and Current Events Message Family And Friends Post Or Share Photos Or Videos
TikTok 78.6% 33.8% 31.6% 16.4% 35.4%
Facebook 55.1% 55.7% 60.1% 71.3% 64.5%
Instagram 61.4$ 62.7% 51.5% 51.0% 70.2%
LinkedIn 13.7% 27.2% 30.1% 15.4% 18.0%
Snapchat 35.6% 23.1% 21.5% 16.4% 35.4%
Twitter 36.3% 37.4% 61.0% 22.2% 30.1%
Global User Activities By Social Media Platforms


Source: DataPortal


User Engagement

Social media users will do anything to keep their followers engaged. Below are the global user average engagement by followers. 


Source: Backlinko


Global User Activities By Social Media Platforms
Global User Average Engagement By Followers <1000 <5000 <10,000 <100,000 <1,000,000
TikTok 9.38% 8.57% 8.13% 7.23% 5.30%
Instagram 720% 5.30% 3.70% 2.10% 1.10%
Twitter 1.40% 1.20% 0.80% 0.40% 0.30%
Global User Engagement By Followers


3 Predictions: The Future Of TikTok


1. TikTok Will Leans To E-Commerce


It is no secret that TikTok influences customers’ purchase journeys, which many business digital marketing experts took advantage of by turning to promote their goods. They do this by using influencer marketing and hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt so their promotional campaign would go viral. 


TikTok has noticed this development and found in their recent study that 58% of TikTok users use the social media platform to learn more about the product or brand that captures their interest. 


Last May 2022, TikTok shared that businesses with WooCommerce stores can now grow their business with WooCommerce TikTok integration. This plugin allows e-commerce owners to sync their product catalogues, use TikTok pixel, and set up ads. 


2. TikTok Will Expand Its Search Capabilities


Google has been the go-to search platform for people when they want to learn something about their concerns over the past few years. While that may still be the case, 40% of Gen Z prefer to discover information, which makes them lean on TikTok and Instagram more. Prabhakar Raghavan, a senior vice president at Google, shared this data during the Fortune Magazine event.


Despite the change in people’s search behaviour, TikTok can keep up as they continue rolling out updates one after the other. This August, TikTok related a beta test of its new feature that links search results of particular keywords used in a comment. 


Here is how it works. 



TechCrunch shared that these searchable keyword buttons are only available to a limited small group of TikTok users. TikTok has yet to announce whether or not they will apply this new search function feature throughout TikTok’s ecosystem. 


3. TikTok Will Prioritise Local Content


Besides enhancing the search function, TikTok has already started working on ‘nearby content’. TikTok users searching for products or services within their proximity of where they are can now find local businesses that can address their concerns. 


If this new feature gets released in the future, it will help small businesses to increase their brand exposure to local customers and drive them to their brick-and-mortar location. 





Despite the popularity and attention that TikTok is gaining from users and different brands, it never stops innovating as a social media platform and marketing tool. Everyone can look forward and see how TikTok’s growth will unfold in the future.


Businesses should never forget to promote across other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to increase customer reach and raise brand awareness since an average person uses two or more apps. 


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