Facebook Retargeting 101: Everything You Need To Know About It

As a social media marketing platform, Facebook is every marketer’s dream, thanks to the features that allow you to reach out to thousands—even millions—of audiences worldwide. But while you probably know all the fundamentals of Facebook marketing, there’s one form of advertising that you might’ve overlooked: Facebook retargeting. Behavioural retargeting or remarketing refers to the […]

4 Best Social Media Marketing Platforms In Singapore

Facebook, WeChat, Instagram—almost everyone’s on these social media platforms. Around 4.6 million Singaporeans are active social media users, and it’s not surprising since these networking sites serve as a communication medium and information centre. Social media marketing in Singapore is looking brighter each day, and it’s up to marketers like us to take the chance […]

Increase Small Business Consumers Through Facebook

A small business owner has the opportunity to make use of Facebook. By knowing how to create interesting posts, the efforts pay off!   In generating more consumers for a small business, it is not necessary to have a Social Media Analyst and Marketing Manager. Feel fortunate that with the presence of Facebook as a […]

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